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Cannon provides safes for Tractor Supply, walk anyone have experience/comments on these safes?Yes, castle are reduced in price, but I wonder if the high quality is acceptable and they are secure?
Without learning for sure...I would certainly tell you come look at the fire rating. Regularly the only difference between the "name" brand product and also the one the exact same manufacturer renders for someone else is the cost of advertising. If the specs enhance up, I"d have actually no hesitation buying one.I have actually a rated to take care of the fires the hell, if the brand is to it is in believed. Yet i still number if the residence burns, whatever in it is gone. I was watching among those "how its made" mirrors the other night...they to be canning tuna. Standard size tuna cans, without labels. You can"t do me believe that they just label them later with everything they need: this day its Starkist, morning its store brand. Same have the right to of tuna.

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I purchase our boy his very first safe as a housewarming gift a couple of years earlier and it was among the Cannons sold by Tractor Supply. That meets all the specifications of the same model sold through Cannon dealers and it to be $150 or so much less expensive. The only thing it short that us both would certainly have desired was an digital lock but I see their present line consists of that feature. If I had actually to fumble around with a dial lock, especially in bad light, I"d never lock the thing.Ed
Great video posted by v10. I have a Cannon safe from tractor supply i bought in the 90"s. The is fine built and also is the fire rated model, with the S&G mechanical lock. Ns think it is a great safe. Mine house has never melted down and no one has actually tried to break into it, so I do not have actually experience in that matter. I would certainly buy another one.I deserve to see the convienience the an digital lock, however I have very few electronic items that room still working after 30 years. There space still a many safes indigenous the 1800"s that space still working in little businesses in cities.
Ed: ns don"t reckon you"re spoiled - do you? friend may have never got to your full potential if you resided in the 1950"s......... BTW, i really reap your present in the Shotgun sporting activities magazine. Very much, in fact.M.D.

Having had actually both a Cannon and now a Liberty Franklin 50, I additionally prefer the Liberty. The fit and finish is a bit far better but every little thing else is really comparable.Ed
I have actually a champion safe which is the brother company to Liberty safes. I love my safe and also don"t know exactly how I live without one for all those years. Acquire one that has actually a good fire rating and also a safe the has active bolts on all 4 political parties of the door. You gain what you salary for once it involves safes. I would certainly luv to have actually a Browning Medallion safe however it"s out of mine price range. The last item of advice I"m going to offer you is constantly get a bigger safe 보다 you think friend need, due to the fact that your gun repertoire is constantly going to proceed to obtain bigger. A for sure is the cheapest insurance friend will ever before buy.
I bolted one down in my residence a pair of months ago. No complaints yet. Appears solid enough to deter thiefs and the interior is padded enough to defend my guns.
If that is just a dead battery, you placed in a new battery and also you are off and running again.Had a buddy, someone broke into his residence tried a raven bar ~ above the safe and knocked off the electronic lock v a hammer. Locksmith came out asked that his combination, put on a brand-new electronic lock and BINGO the door opened up up. Had they started drilling and also busting increase the within lock system it would certainly be no different than a mechanically lock.
The combination set in an electronic lock is stored within the door in a different module, no in the keypad. Therefore, keypad failures space not world-ending and also a would-be theif cannot just plug in his keypad and also open your safe.Ed
Thanks because that the FYI there. Ns was not conscious of this feature. I bought mine safe v a dial. Due to the fact that I obtained a close-out sale as it to be on it, since no-one wanted the dials anymore. LOL. A safe is a need to item these days. Rest em all. Jeff
I to buy a Cannon safe as an overflow because that my Browning.The Browning has actually a much far better fit, finish and fire rating.The keypad top top the Cannon is much less complicated to operate than the dial top top the Browning, and also you can set your own combination on the keypad.The door ~ above the Browning swings much an ext open, so acquiring long guns into the hinged side is easier.The Cannon is lighter and needs to it is in secured to keep it from tipping once you swing the door. That"s a great idea anyway.If that came under to the expense, I"d to buy the Cannon rather than not having actually any.
I simply bought a 72 total cannon safe at countryside king because that $799, I"m going earlier to get an additional to keep up v my gun buying addiction. Rural king additionally has a $100 letter in rebate.
I very own a Cannon ns bought indigenous TSC. I likewise have a Winchester and also an Armor. The Cannon is a small less sophisticated and no frills, yet it has actually a an excellent fire rating, and also I have had no issues with the lock or anything else on it. The Winchester appears to it is in a little an ext refined and also smooth as much as the locking mechanism.I would not hesitate to buy another Cannon if I necessary one.
At one time I had actually 3 Browning and 1 Liberty safes . Like the Browning"s because that the way the door is hinged . Door will open 180* . On the Liberty the door will just open 90* . Forgetting that made for a bad experience once door hit dead avoid .

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