“Canine nation Club, inc is a family members owned and operated will facility located in beautiful Manheim, Pennsylvania. V humble beginnings and also a solid faith, the organization has get an impression to end up being the area"s ideal pet holidays spot. Canine nation Club Inc started in a garage in 1991. Over the year several enhancements were made together the service grew. In 2014 we began the journey of opening our 2nd location, The Windsor.

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To this day, founders and also co-owners Gary & Kim Buchen quiet live on-location in their restored 1800"s farm yard house. Their daughter and also son-in-law (and co-owners) Dashia & Cody Stauffer, live in Manheim and can be uncovered daily roughly the will doing what they love best, caring for you and your pets.

It"s our promise come you that we will execute our ideal to ensure the your pet has actually only the safest and also most exciting experiences in ~ The Club and The Windsor!We acknowledge every pet is an individual and also needs to be cared because that in different ways. Every member the our employee receives comprehensive training in pet behavior, handling, and communication. Us take pride in gift exceptionally clean and also organized in every facet at The Club and The Windsor.

Thank you come our exorbitant clients and their pets for helping us be the best that we can be.

We offer God all the glory and also encourage girlfriend to follow the desires that God has provided you!”


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Thank girlfriend for your patience, we will gain to her request shortly.If you space in require of immediate help please contact us in ~ (717) 665-2710

Canine nation Club Locations

The Club888 N. Penryn Rd, Manheim, PA 17545

The Windsor346 S. Erisman Rd, Manheim, PA 17545


The Club888 phibìc Penryn RdManheim, PA 17545– – – – –The Windsor346 southern Erisman RdManheim, PA 17545

We recognize that every pets in our care is special and has individual needs. Us make sure your dog will receive the personalized attention he or she knows and also loves in ~ home. Our trained employee will assist you select the services that best fit for your pet and aid you personalize her pet’s experience.

6:30 to be – 6:30 pm Everyday

Holiday hours below:– Easter Sunday – CLOSED– Memorial work – 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm– July fourth – CLOSED– labor Day – 12:00 pm – 6:30 pm– Thanksgiving work – CLOSED– Christmas eve – 6:30 am – 12:00pm– Christmas day – CLOSED– new Years night – 6:30 am – 12:00pm– brand-new Years job – 12:00 afternoon – 6:30 pm