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I deserve to do: <1, 2, 3> + <4, 5, 6>But i cannot do:nums=<1, 2, 3>nums<1:>+nums<0>TypeError: can only concatenate perform (not "int") come listWhy?
Larz60+aetate et sapientia

see: In <4>:not with a slice, yet same thing.essentially nums<0> is thought about an int, no a listconcatenate must be perform + list, not list + intso the following works:n = <1,2,3,4,5>n1 = n<3:>+n<4:>print(n1)
(Jan-17-2017, 05:38 AM)Larz60+ Wrote: n = <1,2,3,4,5>n1 = n<3:>+n<4:>print(n1)Thanks. Ns tried the end a much better way:nums<1:>+>

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