The condition BAMBERGA error message shows up when players shot to sign up with an online (multiplayer) session. This problem can take place on both windows PCs and other console platforms. Because many players experience from this problem, we have actually compiled here many common and also effective workarounds you have the right to try.

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How to resolve the “Status BAMBERGA” problem in COD infinite Warfare?Frequently asked Questions

What reasons the error post “Status BAMBERGA” in COD infinite Warfare?


TCP / IP mismatch: If you encounter this trouble on a console (Xbox One or game stations 4), it is possible that your console is receiving incorrect network information and cannot connect. In this case, friend may have the ability to solve the problem by making use of a static IP.

NAT is closed: The most typical reason because that this error code is once NAT (Network attend to Translation) is closed. In this case, you can solve the difficulty by manually forwarding ports or permitting UPnP (in the router settings), if your browser supports it.

Game mismatch: If you conference this error on her PC, it might be a superficial mismatch that deserve to be solved by just restarting the game. This normally works for Windows customers if the video game has been idle for a lengthy time.

How to solve the “Status BAMBERGA” trouble in COD limitless Warfare?


Check and permit NAT

Enabling NAT (Network deal with Translation) is just one of the most necessary parts because that players when a NAT type problem occurs. In this case, the game servers can not be linked when you play gamings on her PC/Xbox/PS4 console. So friend can check your NAT form below.


Press the Windows vital on your keyboard to open up the start menu. Friend can additionally press the start button.Now kind in Xbox Networking and press Enter.Here you have the right to see if the NAT type is closed or enabled.If you check out that NAT kind shows `Teredo cannot provide quality`, it method that the is closed.So just click the “Fix” switch below and also the device should resolve the problem.


Press the Xbox button on the controller -> open the guide menu.Select system -> choose Settings -> walk to Network.Select Network settings -> go to existing Network Status.Check the NAT kind to check out if that says open or Closed.If the is Closed, shot fixing it using the choice below.


In the PS4 main menu, go to Settings.Go come Network -> go to View connection Status.If girlfriend are obtaining NAT kind 2/3, you need to examine your router or call your ISP to permit it.

Enable UPnP to open the NAT

If you discover that her NAT is close up door or limited for part reason, and that’s why you gain the Bamberga error article in infinite Warfare when you try to connect to the network, this action will be an extremely helpful. You can enable UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) in her router settings.

Use a static IP

Using a static IP resolve can conveniently get her console to run the video game properly. But first, you require to check the static IP resolve from her computer.

Turn top top your windows computer/laptop.Click start -> form cmd and also right-click ~ above the command line.Select run as administrator.Now type IP config at the command prompt and press Enter.This will give you the IPV4 address. Make a note of the address.(PS4) go to PS4 setups -> pick Network -> go to View connection Status.(Xbox) go to Xbox setups -> select All settings -> Network -> Network Settings.Enter the replicated IPV4 address under IP Address.Save the changes and also restart the console.

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Frequently asked Questions

If you conference this problem on her console, you may be see Error Bamberga status because your console is not making use of the correct TCP/IP settings. This will only occur when your Internet connection is being filtered by her router or modem.