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I don"t have actually experience through that collection from CAD but their much better offering — the "premium" set — space not poor at all, completely usable. Probably worth the slightly higher price.
16th November 2017
Never go through the crappy stuff. This only leads to disappointment. Also you will by something much better in the future, you recognize it. So just skip this stage and go because that the better stuff !
Save part $$$$ and get this AKG Drum collection Concert 1 | etc CenterThere no expensive, as it comes to a small bit over $100 every microphone (7 piece)You have the right to record great sounding drums through these mics, if you set them increase correctly and have a an excellent lively sounding north room.CJ
Has anyone below been may be to achieve a decent drum sound through these mics or any type of mics similar? I"m not certain if i have to go through 7 crappy mics or 4 much less crappy mics that expense more. I desire as much control over asking I have the right to so I can go through a 7 piece.Here: CAD PRO-7 drum Microphone Kit (7-Piece) | guitar Center

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1. I have never provided this kit, yet I will certainly say that having actually some bad experiences early on, I avoid all "kits", "packs" and "packages" like the plague. This goes because that mics, cymbals, anything whereby a "selection" is the surname of the game and where the selection is being produced you. Nobody knows what friend need and also you do. The odds the your favourite kick mic, you favorite snare mic and your favorite overheads room all going to come indigenous the exact same manufacturer room actually fairly small. Mixing and also matching is wherein you present your an individual style. 2. Through a couple of slight exceptions, you get what girlfriend pay because that in this world. You could get a small bit much more than you salary for, but never way more. $199 is suspiciously cheap because that seven microphones.
3. I think your idea the 4 far better mics is the smarter choice. An excellent overheads will certainly probably catch your toms every by themselves better than crappy overheads + crappy specialized tom mics. 4. If you spread your money also thin, you end up v crap in every positions. If you concentration your to buy power, you have to wait to fill all the positions. IMO, waiting is better. you can acquire a really respectable drum sound with 3 or 4 mics. Kick, snare, one or 2 overheads. Wise recommendations are everywhere this site. Numerous engineers like the minimal miking anyway. In the meantime, you can save up for some tom mics and also snare under mics and also hi-hat mics and room mics and include them as you go. • you will have much better immediate outcomes with high quality mics • friend will have actually much far better long-term outcomes as you include pieces• you will not have any kind of crappy microphones in your repertoire that friend will have actually buy again