Satsuki Shibuyais a painter, artist, and also spiritual thinker, living and also working in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Her work is based top top intuition, energy, and also spirit, trying out the realms of the unknown to bridge the gaps in between the traditionally tangible and also the unseen. Through watercolors, visualizations of global metaphysics appear with a emphasis on themes such together nature, energies, and aspects of day-to-day life. Each piece developed embarks united state on a unique and an individual journey into our own souls in really hopes that we emerge not only inspired around peace and also harmony but likewise with enlightened appreciations because that this human being in which we all live and share. Might her quotes inspire friend to be true to yourself so that you might live the life of your dreams.

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1.“Be moral with yourself and do what feels ideal to you. Friend are just responsible to live your very own life authentically, no one else’s.”Satsuki Shibuya

2.“Meet yourself whereby you room right currently as each minute reveals the self that is past, present, and the future.”Satsuki Shibuya

3.“We are not perfect human beings, nor execute we have to pretend to be, yet it is necessary for united state to be the finest version of oneself we deserve to be.”Satsuki Shibuya

4.“Have nothing to hide together then there will certainly be nothing to fear.”Satsuki Shibuya

5.“Be free, it is in you, totally and unapologetically, for the presents we were given, if not shared in ours lifetime, will certainly be shed forever.”Satsuki Shibuya

6.“Forgiveness is not around letting someone off the hook for their actions, but freeing ourselves of an adverse energies that bind us to them.”Satsuki Shibuya

7.“Our center of gravity should be within us, not provided to another to choose whether us feel base or weightless in who we are.”Satsuki Shibuya

8.“Many times when someone is sharing their heart, they’re not searching for a solution, yet just who who deserve to listen with compassion.”Satsuki Shibuya

9.“Humbleness originates from an inside strength understanding who us are and also our purpose; to no flaunt, but simply be who we room meant come be.”Satsuki Shibuya

10.“Let us never be also pompous, to think we understand all, for development is expansion, past our physical form.”Satsuki Shibuya

11.“Remember come breathe, as countless of our worries today will more than likely not it is in so crucial a year native now.”Satsuki Shibuya

12.“Success is not measured through the human next to you however by your own standards and definitions.”Satsuki Shibuya

13.“One never has to feel guilty about saying no.”Satsuki Shibuya

14.“The obstacles that we experience allows us to push previous the things we think us understand and becoming points we do understand.”Satsuki Shibuya

15.“It doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing.”Satsuki Shibuya

16.“A beautiful world exists not v the things we acquire, however through the heart us see.”Satsuki Shibuya

17.“Although difficult, readjust is always possible.”Satsuki Shibuya

18.“What holds us ago from do the alters we desire are our own limiting thoughts and also actions.”Satsuki Shibuya

19.“Living in the moment is being aware of the minute we space in. If our minds room in the previous or future, we room not truly lively in the present.”Satsuki Shibuya

20.“Climbing a mountain is never ever easy. It calls for courage, focus, decision – pushing past our limitations. A small stronger 보다 before; a little much more wiser than before.”Satsuki Shibuya

21.“Love ourselves fully for who we are and not that we think we were or must be.”Satsuki Shibuya

22.”Although periodically not immediate, opportunities come as soon as timing aligns.”Satsuki Shibuya

23.“I have actually learned the we room all truly constructed uniquely, a one-fits-all technique does not seem to work.”Satsuki Shibuya

24.“Say no an ext often than yes.”Satsuki Shibuya

25.“We deserve to only be concentrated on one point at a time and by leaning deeper into each moment, what comes right into fruition is saturated through our visions, expressions, and also spirit in the method it to be intended.”Satsuki Shibuya

26.“The best struggle has been proceeding down a course that one trust in nevertheless of what others might say or think.”Satsuki Shibuya

27.“It is a constant struggle honing in on what matters and also making sure that the direction take away adheres to one’s vision.”Satsuki Shibuya

28.“Freedom the expression, the being, is a an extremely important ingredient because that happiness.”Satsuki Shibuya

29.“You have the liberty to lug to life something imagined.”Satsuki Shibuya

30.“A an approach I constantly use for direction mapping is imagining whether I would certainly be act what I execute if every other determinants were subtracted — money, society media, people, praise, love, attention, and also any various other incentives that may drive myself to continue down a certain path. Would I still want to continue? If the prize is yes, I know I’m tho hitting the bull’s eye.”Satsuki Shibuya

31.“Implement a device early, utilize good online tools and delegate anytime possible. By doing so, it frees up time to concentration on the core of what your organization is built upon, her talents.”Satsuki Shibuya

32.“As my power is limited, simplifying allows me to focus on the important and also appreciate the every day.”Satsuki Shibuya


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“We space all built with a soul, i m sorry vibrates with love.”Satsuki Shibuya

34.“Be humble, however bold in share what you think in and also what ring true to your heart.”Satsuki Shibuya