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Sometimes you just want a an easy sewing an equipment that it s okay the task done through no fuss, no fanfare, and also no fooling around. The brother XM3700 37-stitch sewing machine is around as uncomplicated as it gets, and also at a very decent price. Yet sometimes “simple” and also “inexpensive” amount to cheap. Is this the case here?

Our brother XM3700 testimonial will give you the lowdown.

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The brother XM3700: Review and Analysis

For an ext than one hundreds years, brother Industries has been a leading name in both industrial and home sewing machines. Their home machines are frequently reliable and easy to use. You might also notification that countless of them likewise have a an extremely low price tag for the attributes they offer.

Design-wise, the brothers XM3700 is around as simple as that gets. The a mechanically sewing machine, which method that you regulate a an extremely small number of functions using dials and also levers fairly than buttons or a touch screen. The stitch choice is limited, and also there is exactly one buttonhole design.

In short, this is a basic sewing machine.

Sometimes, that’s what friend want.

LIKESCompact and lightweightEasy to use right out that the boxLarge an option of stitches and stitch designsTwin needle includedAutomatic one-step buttonholeOverwhelmingly positive consumer reviews
DISLIKESMostly plastic constructionNo start/stop buttonMinimal equipment package

Who is the brother XM3700 for?

If you’re in search of a very first sewing machine, a an easy mechanical machine is exactly the right thing. You deserve to do a lot v it, and also it i will not ~ overwhelm you v an intimidating variety of options, functions, and gimmicks.

This sort of an equipment is also good for general family sewing and also mending. If you carry out occasional projects, favor whipping up a set of placemats or a curtain for the bathroom window, a basic maker will gain the job done.


The brother XM3700 would certainly make a fine maker to take to sewing classes and also meetups. Not only does it have the vital stitches and also functions, however it’s likewise lightweight and also compact. It would certainly be even far better if that came through a hard cover, yet at this price point, you might buy yourself a cover and still come the end on top.

A top drop-in fail is always a welcome feature.

Will the handle constant heavy-duty work? more than likely not. And if you’re in search of a sewing an equipment with advanced quilting or embroidery features, this isn’t it.

But if you want an affordable, easy-to-use all-purpose sewing machine, you might pay a lot more for a lot less machine.

What’s in the box?

Accessories the come with the brother XM3700, include:

Darning plateNeedle set, consisting of a pair needleFour bobbinsExtra spool pinScrewdriverPower cordBrother XM3700 manualInstructional DVDLimited 25-year warranty

Technical Specifications

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Choosing an Entry-Level mechanically Sewing Machine

No matter how much, or how little you’re spending, no one desires to throw their money away. And, to be frank, some entry-level makers are far better than others. A mechanical sewing device may show up straightforward, however choosing one isn’t necessarily so. Below are some things to take into consideration when looking in ~ entry-level mechanically sewing machines.

Stitch options

One that the many noticeable differences between mechanical and also computerized sewing makers is the variety of stitch designs. The number of designs is minimal to the dimension of your an option wheel. While you might see several hundred stitch design on a higher-end computerized machine, countless mechanical machines have actually just a handful of designs.

One way that the brothers XM3700 gets previous this limitation is through providing additional stitch functions.

What’s the difference between a stitch and a stitch function?

You could see the brothers XM3700 sewing device advertised as having actually either 37 darn or having 74. Which is it?

Technically speaking, the brother XM3700 has actually 37 stitch designs and 74 stitch functions. Stitch design describes the shape of a stitch, prefer straight stitch, zigzag, and also so on. Stitch functions are ways to transform the parameters of a stitch to develop a new stitch. Because that example, a zigzag stitch v minimum width is, effectively, a satin stitch.

So, while the brothers XM3700 has 37 actual stitches, you can double that number by playing v the stitch parameters.

Heavy duty vs. Day-to-day use

Several manufacturers produce both heavy-duty mechanically sewing machines and lighter-duty equipments for daily use.

What’s the difference?

A lot, depending upon your needs.

A heavy duty sewing maker is designed come sew hefty fabrics, leather, vinyl, and multiple layers. Heavy duty machines typically have a steel chassis and a tiny stitch selection.

The brother XM3700 is produced ordinary use. That plastic building makes the extra-portable. However, it’s no designed to stand up to consistent heavy work.

Features that the brother XM3700

The brother XM3700 stands out from similar models in a couple of ways.

First, like many Brother house sewing machines, the price is right. In fact, countless Brother machines have actually features past what you normally see at their price point. Right here are a few.

Stitch options

A the majority of entry-level mechanically sewing machines have actually a restricted number that stitches. The brothers XM3700 gives you an already large-for-this-category number of designs, and also shows you just how to double this number by altering the parameters.


A lot of mechanical sewing machines have a four-step buttonhole. That fiddly, complicated, and difficult to create consistently. The brother XM3700 has an automatic one-step buttonhole. This alone place it front of the pack.

Free arm

Some entry-level machines have a totally free arm. Others execute not. A complimentary arm is necessary for small, circular mending and sewing projects favor cuffs, collars, and also trouser leg hems. The brother XM3700 has one, and also we’re glad.

Budding quilters can find a new best girlfriend in the brothers XR3774 mechanically quilting and sewing machine.

Like the XM3700, the XR3774 has actually 37 built-in stitches, a one-step buttonhole and an intuitive interface. However, it also comes with a detachable large extension table, which lends chin to cost-free motion work.

The short price may make you wonder about this machine’s quality and also durability. However, the large number of overwhelmingly optimistic customer reviews may convince girlfriend otherwise.

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Final Thoughts

We love brothers sewing equipments for your cleverness, ease of use and value because that money. The XM3700 is no different. The a terrific, feature-rich example of the category, and for the best buyer, it can be a winner.