The EX royal Guard Rumors quest is among many new missions included as component of Zelda: Breath that the Wild"s 2nd DLC pack.

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Playing it v will take it you to the Royal safety Uniform and also Royal security Boots and also Royal safety Cap.

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Or, if you"re after assist for the main video game itself, consult our Zelda: Breath that the Wild walkthrough and guide.

Royal guard Outfit location

Of all the side-quests in the Champions" Ballad DLC, the mission come retrieve the royal Guard set will it is in the many challenging.

Why? due to the fact that you"ll need to infiltrate Hyrule Castle, which is infested v malice and also plenty the lizalfos, moblins and also more. Come start, you"ll need to the Riverside Stable, i m sorry is situated appropriate in front of the Wahgo Katta Shrine.

Head inside and you"ll uncover Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 4 top top a table. Read it to begin this search in earnest.

Follow the wall as that curves roughly you, past the Lizalfo top top guard, glide across to the docks themselves and run increase the stairs. Run up the next trip of stairs and past the Saas Ko"sah Shrine and up the stairs the lead right into the rock.

Follow these rough stairs together they wind up, climate stop as soon as you with a steel block. Relocate the block out of the method with Magnesis then push the big block the end of the doorway through your magnetic powers.

Enter the library and head up the stairs, up the next trip then follow the balcony approximately the right.

Inside, run with the corridor. A wood gate will certainly drop behind you, seemingly trapping girlfriend in.

Use Cryonis come raise an ice block in the pond beneath the gate, then turn right and up the stairs. Revolve right, head under the corridor, turn ideal at the doorway next to the lizalfo, then head into the Guard"s Room.

The chest you need is top top a high shelf above two lizalfo. Use Magnesis to obtain it down and also the imperial Guard Boots room yours.

Turn right prior to the door, stand on the floor move by the wall surface and use Stasis to frozen it. Run up the stairs and also out the doorway that"s currently open. Revolve right, shoo the eye to expose the path, then run down it.

Change into your Zora Armor and Zora Greaves, then swim up the waterfall to your right.

Climb ~ above the spine of the roof, use Revali"s Gale again then float under to an opened to your best (the native "Sanctum" will show up on screen if you"re in the appropriate place). Head through the door to find the final aspect of this set on the various other side the the chamber.

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