In DLC pack 1: The understand Trials, players can uncover Midna"s Helmet in one of the chests concealed in the human being (this DLC is only obtainable through the purchase of the growth Pass).

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Midna showed up in the Legend that Twilight Princess game for Wii™ and Nintendo GameCube™, and also she played critical role as Link"s partner. ~ above the Wolf connect amiibo™ number (which to be released alongside the Wii U work again, please again of the game, The Legend of Twilight Princess HD), she"s perching on wolf Link.




Creating a "buddy" character who would stay next to attach at all times and battle in tandem with him to be a very first for a Legend that game. The an obstacle started v brainstorming amongst designers for ideas, and also we eventually finalized this character through a trial-and-error process for her shape, facial expressions, actions, etc.

In early on prototypes, together a placeholder because that Midna, Tetra native The Legend the The Wind Waker to be riding on Wolf connect as that ran around Hyrule.


How go Midna present emotion? us fine-tuned her facial expressions over and over.

There was a secret project we were considering working on prior to The Legend the Twilight Princess for Wii, and Midna inherited the character profile because that the "goblin/devilkin" character the would have been featured in the project. Looking back at the advance notes from that time, there are some explanation left on the notes plainly reminiscent the Midna, including "the figure looks choose a monster or a child," "can"t phone call if she"s foe or ally," "can"t yes, really tell what she"s thinking," "sometimes selfish, yet sometimes cute and naïve." That"s why initial architecture sketches because that Midna looked a lot choose this "goblin" character.

A later concept closer come the final Midna design.

The yes, really Midna"s Helmet was the physics manifestation of extremely powerful shadow magic passed top top the royal household of an alternating world, but when link equips that in the Legend the Breath that the Wild game, it will add "Guardian stand up to Up" come Link"s defense. This will provide Link much more armor alternatives when encountering Guardians, so ns hope girlfriend will use it well. My recommendation is to usage this Helmet while trying out the world with wolf Link!

Tomorrow, Ms. Shirakawa who functioned on the game design will passionately talk around the outfit that 35-year-old male who want to be a fairy.

Learn an ext about exactly how to purchase The Legend the Breath the the Wild growth Pass. Friend must have actually the full version of The Legend that Breath that the Wild video game to access this content. DLC load 1 and DLC load 2 cannot be to buy individually.

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