This is a overview to the Shrine Quest, Master of the Wind, in Legend the Zelda: Breath the the Wild. Here you can uncover the quest walkthrough, wherein to begin Master of the Wind and all search rewards.

How to Start understand of the Wind

Master of the Wind Location

quest Giver place
Horon Lagoon

Master of the Wind Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Talk to Kass
Destroy the Boulders
Paraglide come the Pedestal
Talk to Kass
Talk come Kass southwest that the Horon Lagoon. Girlfriend can discover the lagoon east of Brynna Plain.

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Destroy the Boulders

Destroy the boulders Use the Remote Bomb rune or Bomb Arrows to destroy the boulders in the area.

Boulder 1 - Southwest that Kass.


Boulder 2 - Southwest from the first set that boulders. Fire a Bomb arrow or throw a Remote Bomb rune to damage it.

Boulder 3 - Head to the eastern side that the U-shaped rock and use the Cryonis Rune to produce a platform leading towards the boulder.

Boulder 4 - south of the U-shaped rock. Fire a Bomb arrow or litter a Remote Bomb rune to ruin it.

Paraglide to the Pedestal

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Jump into the wind geyser and paraglide
Once all boulders have been destroyed, jump into a wind geyser and navigate your means to the orange pedestal.

Climb the U-shape rock and paraglide(Optional)
Optional: girlfriend can additionally climb to the peak of the U-shaped rock and also paraglide under to the pedestal.

Land top top the pedestal
Landing on the orange pedestal without touching down activates the shrine, completing the quest.

Master the the Wind pursuit Rewards


Complete the shrine search to unlock the Shai Yota Shrine.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a full list of the Adventure log in entries for grasp of the Wind.

entry Entry text
Quest Start "He breaks the rocks that offer to bind,Above the tempestuous bay.On wing of cloth and also wood entwined,He soil on the altar to open up the way."Solve the an enig behind the track Kass taught you to find the hero"s trial.

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Quest Clear "He breaks the rocks that offer to bind,Above the tempestuous bay.On wings of cloth and also wood entwined,He soil on the altar to open the way."The "wings that cloth and also wood entwined" turned the end to refer to the paraglider.After harnessing the wind and landing atop the dais, a shrine appeared.

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