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The Legend the Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an huge open-world game on the Nintendo Switch and also Wii U. This guide and also walkthrough will present you whatever you require to recognize from the locations and also solutions because that every shrine to captured Memories, the ideal meal in the game, The understand Trials DLC and also more.

The Crowned Beast shrine quest (which unveils Mezza Lo shrine) begins southeast that Lanayru Tower. (You can paraglide directly to your destination.) Look for Kass (or simply follow the sound that his accordion). Speak come him, and he’ll sing you a track with a few hints:

A beast the wears a crown the bone,Prancing v the lush green.Mount the beast upon its throne,For only then the shrine is seen.

It way you must search the area approximately Kass because that a stag (a big deer through horns). Sneak increase on it (stealth armor and stealthy food and also elixirs are helpful here), and mount it similar to you would a horse. Once you’re on, hammer on together to patience the stag down, and ride it to the orange platform close to Kass. (You can see whatever in the collection above.)


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Walk come the end of the ramp by the laser, and also cast stasis on the mechanism creating the laser. When it wears off (or you finish it manually), the stone block you’re standing on will move. When you’re top top the stone block near where friend entered, shoot the switch v an arrow to rotate the stone block again. (These positions are all in the collection above.)Move the stone block until you’re in ~ a platform through a treasure chest with a Thunderblade (Durability Up). Continue using stasis on the laster control mechanism until you visit every one of the platforms. Move the platform to offer you accessibility to the exit, fulfill Mezza Lo, and collect your spirit orb.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath that the Wild guide and walkthrough Breath that the Wild guide: wherein to find and how come beat all shrines