This Breath the Fire 3 Dragon creates guide will teach friend all about the unique dragon develops you have the right to put together using the dragon gene mechanism in BoF3.

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In Breath the Fire 3 (BoF3), not only deserve to you combine up come 3 dragon gene to produce dragon forms, if you put together the appropriate combo, you’ll end up through an extra one-of-a-kind variation that the base dragon form. Several of these are flat-out more powerful version of what girlfriend can generally create, usually with a gold color variant, some are totally unique, and also some have actually a unique twist top top the dragon kind that renders it unique.

Here room all the special Breath that Fire 3 dragon creates you can make v dragon gene combos in BoF3:

Whelp/Wildfire – Breath that Fire 3 Dragon Forms


If you use a single elemental gene or produce an invalid combination, typically you finish up in the whelp dragon form, i m sorry is the same tiny baby dragon type you start off together at the really beginning the the game. However, if you integrate the Miracle, Reverse and Thorn genes, you’ll come to be a gold whelp type called Wildfire. Wildfire has horrifically short HP, but massive gains to all other stats. It can put out some outstanding physical hits. However, you’ll never ever use this form except for the new factor.

Dragon/Trygon – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms


If you combine an elemental gene with one of the augmentation gene (like Defender or Eldritch), you’ll end up v the get an impressive up daddy dragon form. If you incorporate all 3 element genes, you’ll end up through a gold dragon type called Trygon. The Trygon kind has accessibility to all the various elemental breath skills. However, if you’re at the stage of the video game where you’re still using the straightforward Dragon form, it’s usually ideal to just do Thunder + Eldritch for a Dragon that can actors Mjollnir.

Warrior/Myrmidon – Breath that Fire 3 Dragon Forms


Almost any mix with the pressure gene will certainly make a Warrior dragon, which is whereby Ryu’s dragon creates start to gain really good. Warrior dragon don’t require much AP to keep up and boost Ryu’s strike power through a lot.

If you incorporate the Force and also Trance genes, you’ll finish up through the gold Warrior form, Myrmidon, which is arguably the best dragon kind in the game and, at the an extremely least, Ryu’s bread and also butter form. Myrmidon boosts assault by a large amount, and also comes v the ability Focus, which substantially increases the damage of the next attack and also stacks, as well as Aura i m sorry is a physical attack that deals significant damage. Focus x3 and also then actors Aura and practically anything in the game goes under in one or 2 hits.

Behemoth – Breath that Fire 3 Dragon Forms


The first form the combines the entirety party, Behemoth is a dragon with tons of HP, decent assault and reasonably low whatever else. Basically the strategy v Behemoth is come take advantage of that high HP and also use that is breath skill (Meteor to win – i m sorry obviously has nothing to carry out with breath, yet in state of game mechanics it’s a ‘breath skill’) come deal big amounts of damages to all enemies. What’s nice about this type is it’ll probably acquire killed long before you operation out the AP, in ~ which allude you have the right to just actors it again.

Tiamat – Breath of Fire 3 Dragon Forms

In mine (and many people’s) opinion, the much much better full party combination form. You create this coiled dark serpent form by combining the Shadow and Trance genes. It has actually cheap AP upkeep costs, is immune to standing effects, and also deals very good damage v both the breath skill and also its attacks. Like the Behemoth form, if the dies, girlfriend just actors it again.

Pygmy – Breath the Fire 3 Dragon Forms

A an extremely bad joke dragon, yet cute. You obtain this plump little slug dragon by combine the Mutant and ??? genes. It learns Magma Breath, i beg your pardon is not great, and also its stats are very bad. An Easter Egg of sorts much more than anything else.

Kaiser/True Kaiser – Breath that Fire 3 Dragon Forms

You can use the Infinity gene by itself to get a Kaiser type (which is a golden kind of constant Ryu), yet Ryu will be berserk and will probably slaughter your party. Girlfriend can incorporate Infinity + fail to obtain a controllable Kaiser, yet the stat boosts aren’t that great.

No, no, what you really want is the True Kaiser form, i m sorry you acquire by combining the Infinity, Radiance and Trance genes. This kind increases all her stats by about 250%. The has accessibility to all your regular spell and skills, an interpretation you deserve to (and should) use acquired an abilities like Triple Blow and also Shadowwalk in this form. If you’re going with a high AP build, and/or you have actually a heart Ring equipped, friend should be able to maintain this form long enough to dismantle any boss.

That about does it for the special Breath that Fire 3 Dragon Forms. Be sure to inspect out the Games Section for much more content choose this, and click here for much more game guides for Breath that Fire 3.

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