I’m no a big Father’s Day guy … don’t really care. I’m type of the dad ying to fellow parent Nicki’s yang. (does that sound perverted?) In fact, days like Valentine’s, mummy Day and Father’s Day simply sort of wear me out.

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Although, last night elegant did execute a Father’s Day song she composed herself, and I just around cried. It’s exceptional to me exactly how much love youngsters can carry approximately in those tiny bodies. I thought around getting her to sing it again so I can shoot video and post it here, yet I won’t because: 1. The spontaneity was part of the beauty. And 2. It’s my song and no one else have the right to have it. I’m selfish.

Now onward and upward …

Rhymes the take me back:

Men may be native Mars, but if you listen to Grace, the the girl that room going earlier there.

She described to me exactly how she make a Father’s day card yet it must’ve ended up in the thrash. She did, however, remember the poem that was written in it.

“Would you prefer me come recite it?” she asked.

“Sure,” ns said.

(after a long pause) “I learned this at day camp: Girls go to Mars to get more candy bars. Guys go come Jupiter to get an ext stupider.”

At this allude I’m reasoning to myself: Is this the poem from the Father’s Day map or has actually she just obtained sidetracked?

Back come Grace: “Wait, wait, wait. This one is better: Girls go to college to get much more knowledge. Boys go come Jupiter come get an ext stupider.”

By this time I’ve currently forgotten about the totality Father’s day connection, and also am only wondering if this university is on earth or Mars. And also if that is the university of Mars, just how much is tuition, because I recognize out that state is astronomical, exactly how much more would out of civilization be?

Andy Olin
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