The guys & girls Clubs that the Fox Valley’s mission is to inspire and allow all young people, especially those who require us most, to reach their complete potential as productive, responsible and also caring citizens.

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Mr. Gregory Lemke-Rochon

Main address

160 S Badger way

Appleton, WI 54914 USA

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Ms. Shelby Beck

Director of source Development

Fundraising contact phone: (920) 731-0555

Physical Address

160 S Badger path

Appleton, WI 54914

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160 S Badger avenue

Appleton, WI 54914

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Legal name of organization: guys & Girls society Fox sink Inc.

EIN because that payable organization: 39-1225709


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Our objective is to help ensure the areas we offer become great places for all children and youth to grow and also thrive.Every day our team strives to provide to as countless young human being as possible:•Supportive Relationships with Caring Adults•A Safe, positive Environment•Recognition because that who youngsters are what they have the right to achieve•Opportunity•Fun & A feeling of BelongingDelivering this Club suffer at the highest possible level is the most necessary thing we deserve to do because that the children in our community – because every kid, regardless of earnings or circumstance, deserves the opportunity to thrive and equitable supports to with their full potential.

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BGCFV clubs offer school-age youth v a range of programs consisting of homework assistance, technology centers, teen centers, job exploration, project assistance, sports and recreation, arts classes and leadership development.

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The guys & girls Clubs that the Fox valley will prosper to provide an Optimal Club experience for an mean of 1,700 children and also youth each day by 2023 that ensures members room on monitor to graduate indigenous high school, have a setup for your future, demonstrate great character and citizenship, and also live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. The score is to boost the percentage of society members reporting an Optimal Club suffer to 75% by 2025, based upon data from yearly National Youth Outcomes initiative Member Surveys.An Optimal Club experience is safe, fun, and supportive, helps youngsters feel a feeling of belonging, provides them many avenues to learn and explore and also recognizes them for their efforts. The endure is regularly life-changing. Young human being who get an Optimal Club experience are more likely to be on monitor to graduate from high school on time, lock are much more likely to protect against drugs and alcohol, and they are more likely come handle problem in confident ways. In brief, one Optimal Club experience helps young civilization become totally realized productive, responsible, and also caring citizens.Priorities:•Inspire and empower youth success•Ensure opportunities or all youth•Provide youth with a high-quality club Experience•Continue to learn and also develop practices and also program models through constant improvement processes.

Our four strategic priorities are: 1. Improve Program QualityLearn and also develop practices and also program models v demonstrated affect using consistent improvement processes. improve the proportion of full-time experienced staff come youth served in our programs.Provide advanced talent advancement opportunities because that all society staff. Identify and teach the communication an abilities needed to properly foster caring relationships through youth. Implementation the Trauma Informed care Practices throughout the organization.Implement or expand Literacy Tutoring, sources of Strength, Be great Graduate, and other intensive and evidence-informed programs.Improve frequency of attendance rates.Engage parents and also enhance family members support by providing more complementary solutions to adult in society member’s families.Seek out additional community partners through expertise and also resources the can more enhance and complement the organization’s organization array.2. Breakthrough Organizational health and wellness & Capacity boost financial security by growing the endowment.Increase revenue generation to adequately fund plan objectives.Continue advancement of a “Tier One” plank of Directors capable of giving the leadership and also support essential to meet plan objectives.Develop a culture of continuous improvement transparent the organization.Invest in robust talent development activities to certain professional and paraprofessional employee are offered the tools and also guidance they require to provide an Optimal society Experience.Ensure infrastructure support and enhance routine quality and meet capacity needs.Increase capacity and performance through collaborations, mergers, monitoring agreements, resource sharing and also consolidated back-office attributes or other innovative models as avenues allow.3. Reach an ext YouthExpanded partnerships and also collaborations like the resources of stamin program.Implement new intensive solutions that serve a more comprehensive population that youth in require such together Scholars of Excellence.Pursue new program, club development, and outreach come underserved communities and neighborhoods.4. Build a Reputation together Our Community’s Premier Youth development ProviderImprove ours online existence by adopting best practices through social media and creating mission-focused, attention-getting, and also information-rich web content.Produce timely, informative and targeted “impact reports” because that parents, regimen partners, and also donors.Increase parental awareness by communicating an ext information about program activities and avenues on a constant basis using email newsletters, social media, and also notes home.Expand our existence at community events and also in local organization clubs.Create recruitment and also awareness campaigns in underserved target neighborhoods.

Our mission is carried out v the combined dedicated energy, commitment and also passion of a 28-member plank of Directors, a 9-member leadership Team, 50 full-time and also 65+ part-time professionally trained staff, 500+ volunteers, dozens of non-profit partners, numerous local, regional, and also national corporations, and also thousands of people who invest their money and also time in company to the 15,000+ young world that ours programs and services reach each year.

Our key metric that success focuses on improving members’ perception of the society Experience. Much more specifically, the goal is to increase the percent of society members reporting an Optimal Club suffer to 75% through 2025. Data trends indicate that our continuous improvement initiatives (launched in 2017) are having a hopeful impact, as this metric has actually increased indigenous 38% in 2018 come 47% in 2019 and also 51% in 2020.


Boys & Girls club Fox Valley, Inc.

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