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Contact Information

Boyle County Jail1862 S. Danville BypassDanville, Kentucky 40422

(859) 238-1127Facility Website

Connecting with Inmates at

Boyle County Detention Center

Welcome to your source for every little thing you need to connect with your incarcerated girlfriend or love one.

Our facility offers the interactions services provided through by Telmate. ~ above this page, you’ll find all the information you’ll must stay connected.

Before you can connect with inmates in ~ this facility, friend must very first verify your identity. 

You will need to confirm your identity through the Telmate confirmed program before you can accept inmate phone call calls. Telmate verification helps certain the safety and security of you and your inmate contact by aiding in the elimination of fraud and also extortion. Choose one of these 2 approaches to verify her account:

Make a deposit: you will be verified when you do your an initial deposit come an inmate or telephone numberCreate a visit account: When you develop your video clip visit account, you’ll be asked some inquiries to verify her identity.
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Phone phone call & Voicemail

Only inmates may initiate phone calls. To call you, an inmate simply dials your phone number. Once receiving a call, you’ll an initial hear an notice from an automatic operator; “You space receiving a call from , an inmate at Boyle County Detention Center. Press one (1) to accept.”

If the inmate has no accumulation in his account, and also is calling you for the very first time, the call will be free for a brief period of time (often less than a minute). This is to permit the inmate to inform you of wherein he or she is, and to describe how calls job-related from this facility. After ~ this brief call, the inmate will be placed on hold and also you will be gift the possibility to:

Pay (via credit card) to proceed the existing call.Deposit funds because that the inmate to proceed your speak to and, if over there is money remaining, the inmate may use the accumulation to do future calls to any type of number.Deposit funds to your very own phone number to continue your speak to and, if there is money remaining, the inmate may usage the accumulation to speak to your number in the future, however the funds will not be obtainable for calling other numbers.


If you great to contact an inmate, friend can call 1-866-516-0115 and also leave them a voicemail (up come 3 minutes), or use among the other communications methods noted below.

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Blocking Future Calls

If you perform not wish to obtain calls from inmate, simply speak to 1-866-516-0115 native the phone number the you wish to have actually blocked. A live operator will aid prevent inmates from gift able to speak to that number in the future.