Ratch’d Up is a side mission in Borderlands 3 (BL3). This walkthrough will guide you v all goals of the Ratch’d Up Side Quest.

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Planet: PrometheaArea: Atlas HQ (Rhys’ Office)Quest Giver: RhysRequirement: having finished Atlas, in ~ LastRecommended Level: 19Reward: 1944$ / 4204XP / epic Pistol “Peacemanager”Mission Info: Something weird is skittering with the dark corridors that Atlas…


Find TerrySearch for CluesSearch secret AreaInvestigate VoiceOpen Glenn’s CellEliminate Ratch ThreatTalk come GlennFollow GlennPick increase Terry’s BrainLower CageKill GaryPlace Terry’s BrainResurrect TerryTalk to TerryTalk to Glenn

Starting Location: Ratch’d Up


Find Terry

To start your find for Terry, head right into the key Entrance

and right into the maintenance Room.

Search for Clues

When motivated to find clues in the area, friend will should press a small button ~ above the wall, emitting a environment-friendly light behind the bottle of booze.


Search an enig Area

Proceed v the red Gate. Pick up the audio record from the bench top top the left if you want to obtain a little more backstory top top this mission.


Investigate Voice

Head v the slimy corridors until you hear a voice end the radio. Check on the large red door in the middle of the area to talk to it.


Open Glenn’s Cell

The voice is someone called Glenn, who awaits Terry’s return – the guy we space looking for. Glen asks us to open his cell door. The button for that is in the center of the area. That course, over there is no direct way into the section, however we need to circle around a bit, obtaining rid of some Ratch’ along the way.


Eliminate Ratch Threat

When girlfriend head right into the huge room, you need to clear the end the totality area, consisting of two larger Badass enemies.


Talk to Glenn

Once you have cleared the room, press the button and see how Glenn look at like.

Follow Glenn

Follow him earlier to the console where you’ve just released him. This is likewise where Terry’s body is located.


Pick up Terry’s Brain

Glenn decides the just reasonable point to do would be to resurrect his friend with a Ratch body. So he eats the corpse, leaving only his mind back.


Lower Cage

Head earlier to the center of the area and press the lever next to the Cage to release Gary.

Kill Gary

Gary will be to reduce down, but eventually come ago to the exact same level you are on. That’s a method to avoid the other opponents down below. An initial you can take him out on the upper floor, and also then drop down to end up up the rest.


Place Terry’s Brain

Once you space in the manage room, ar his mind on the an equipment on the desk to start the resurrection.


Resurrect Terry

This ticks off automatically, as soon as the small sequence is over.

Talk to Terry

You can now carry to good news to terrycloth that he is still really much lively – simply with an additional body.


Talk to Glenn

Head ago to glen to insurance claim your reward because that this bizarre mission.


This finishes Ratch’d Up side mission in Borderlands 3.

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