Bobby Brown's brand-new book, a memoir titled Every tiny Step, is filled with explicit story of sex, drugs and also violence, and also includes allegations about the late Whitney Houston varying from smoking cigarettes pot v their then-teenage daughter to having an affair v Tupac Shakur.

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Singer Whitney Houston, left, with daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobby Brown, in his brand-new memoir, Every small Step, locations blame for their deaths squarely on Houston's family. (Dan Steinberg/Associated Press)

In a publication filled v explicit story of sex, drugs and violence, Bobby Brown's memoir has allegations about the late Whitney Houston ranging from cigarette smoking pot through their then-teenage daughter to having an affair v Tupac Shakur.

In Every small Step, Brown explains in detail his turoulend years with Houston and the estrangement from their daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, after their divorce.

Singer Bobby Brown declared his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown to be awake virtually three month after she was found challenge down and unresponsive in a bathtub at she Georgia residence in January 2015. (Joe Giblin/Associated Press)

He problems reports that he was responsible for Houston's medicine problems and also harshly criticizes her family and others approximately her for keeping him from your daughter.

Houston died in 2012, and Bobbi Kristina passed away last year. 

Every tiny Step comes the end June 13. The linked Press purchase a copy Wednesday.

The 322-page publication follows Brown's life from farming up in Roxbury, Mass., and his increase as a child star with brand-new Edition to together platinum-selling solo albums together Don't be Cruel and his time with Houston and also his present wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown.

The publication includes testimonials from family members members and such professional colleagues together Ralph Tresvant of new Edition and also Don't it is in Cruel co-producer Kenneth  Edmonds.


Whitney Houston is seen v then-husband Bobby Brown in 1997. The pair divorced in 2007. (Rene Macura/Associated Press)

Brown, 47, to write in detail about his "bad boy" behaviour: his countless sexual affairs, with Janet Jackson and also Madonna among his alleged partners; about his drug problems, i m sorry he says are now behind him, and his encounters v the law.

Family feud

But he also pushes back versus allegations the he was a corrupting affect on Houston. That writes that she was making use of cocaine before he was and continued to usage drugs ~ he had cleaned up.

He contends the she did her "share that cheating" v "quite a few of the producers and artists" she worked with, and also names one ex-lover, the late Tupac Shakur.

Bobby Brown and also Whitney Houston struggled v drug addiction, physical abuse and a heap of legal difficulties during their 15-year marriage. (Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images)

Brown's daughter from his relationship with Kim Ward, LaPrincia Brown, alleges in the book that she was in a automobile with Houston, Bobbi Kristina and also Nick Gordon, Bobbi's friend at the time; once "things obtained real strange."

"They every started smoking pot together," she recalled. "Yes, she  was smoking with them."

Bobby Brown has feuded with Whitney Houston's family and also alleges they orchestrated a project to keep him indigenous his daughter Bobbi Kristina ~ Houston's death. (Jordan Strauss/Associated Press)

Brown has feuded through Houston's mother, singer Cissy Houston, and also other in-laws, and alleges a publicly "orchestration" designed to keep him from Bobbi Kristina and seal his "nefarious" reputation.

Responding to "the offensive, pointing fingers" at him, the writes, "Both Whitney and also Kristi had actually been tragically lost on their watch, not mine."

Bobby Brown attended Whitney Houston's funeral in 2012, but left early throughout the ceremony. (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)

In current weeks, Brown has actually made a hold of attention-grabbing statements in interviews prior to his memoir's release, including claiming to US Weekly that Grammy-winning singer Houston to be bisexual and had a same-sex partnership with her finest friend Robyn Crawford. He likewise blamed family friend Gordon for the deaths of Houston and their daughter during his interview through 20/20.'s Journalistic Standards and Practices|About News
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