If you"re finding yourself a bit stuck after ~ earning the twin Jump shard in Bloodstained: routine of the Night, we deserve to help.

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For the many part, exploring the lock of Bloodstained: ritual of the Night is reasonably straight forward, and also it’ll be pretty apparent when you can and also can’t progression through an area. However, after ~ making your way to the Livre Ex Machina and also obtaining the double Jump strength you could find you yourself a tiny lost regarding where come go. There are a couple of steps you must take right here to progression further, and also not all of them are very obvious. If you’ve uncovered yourself a tiny stuck, permit us to assist with one explanation of wherein to go after twin Jump in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night.

Where to go after twin Jump in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night

After unlocking dual Jump, you might be tempted to head back to every manner of locations in the castle with areas that put temptingly out of reach. However, many of these have actually been peskily put too far for even twin Jump come reach. Instead, you have to head onwards to a new area via a train, yet that comes after you defeat a certain draconic boss.

This room has a communication you can only access with dual Jump. © ArtPlay

Once girlfriend have double Jump, head earlier out the Livre Ex Machina and look for a communication in the room above which can only be got to via dual Jump. Head up here, then do your method back and also forth end the cogs until you find yourself rwcchristchurchappeal.como out and on the second tower. As you make your method down right here you’ll it is in rudely struck by a pair that belligerent pair drrwcchristchurchappeal.comons, or they can be one drrwcchristchurchappeal.comon through two heads. It’s hard to tell. Teach them/it some manners v a weapon of her choosing, then walk forwards turn off the finish of the tower to uncover a gold chest containing silver Bromide.

Note - there is a known pest in the unpatched version of the video game which reasons this chest not to spawn. Make sure your video game is updated.

You can discover OD below in Livre Ex Machina. © ArtPlay

If silver- Bromide rings a bell, it’s since it’s specifically the stuff Dominique asked girlfriend to achieve so she have the right to fix the photography tools in her room. If you go back to base camp via a Waystone or rapid Travel room and speak come Dominique, she’ll collection up the photography kit and also take a picture of Miriam. Through this in hand, it’s time come head back to the castle and also find the vampire librarian, OD. If you’ve not met the yet, Aluca- er, we typical OD is discovered in the room significant on the map above. It’s a small hidden, yet once you accessibility it he’ll speak pleasantly through you and offer to loan you books that give stat rises to certain resistances, talents or the damrwcchristchurchappeal.come of part weapon types.

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Once you have the pass from OD, you can travel beyond the obstacle here. ©ArtPlay

Talk with OD rwcchristchurchappeal.comain once you have actually the photograph in your possession and also Miriam will ask him how to get past the barrier to the train in ~ the point marked onthe map above. It’s just beyond the Lili bunnygirl and also terrier doghead demons. Alucard is happy to loan you his pass, so lengthy as you’ve got a photograph to go together with it. Handily, we’ve just aided you make one. Through this pass in hand, make your means to the train and the obstacle will lower, letting you v to an important meeting v Zangetsu.

Now the you know where to walk after dual Jump in Bloodstained: routine of the Night, you’re all set to proceed Miriam’s adventure. Before you collection out, why not take a watch at one of our other guides such together this list of all techniques in Bloodstained: ritual of the Night!