There are tons of various craftable items throughout Bloodstained ritual of the Night, one of those item is the Fiend Fang. This item can be provided to craft a couple of various items that will prove to be really beneficial to players throughout the game. Detect the Bloodstained routine of the Night Fiend Fang item will be crucial to crafting some awesome materials and also enhancing a couple of shards. Let’s take a look at whereby players can uncover the Fiend Fang article in Bloodstained.

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Bloodstained routine of the Night Fiend Fang | Fiend Fang location

The Fiend Fang items in Bloodstained can be offered to handmade the complying with items: Almace, Caladbolg, dies Irae, Florenbeg, and Hell’s Knells. Each of this items will be beneficial to Miriam in a different way. Because that example, the Florenbeg is a melee weapon when Hell’s Knells will boost damage.


In addition to make items, the Bloodstained Fiend Fang can likewise be provided to improve the Augment STR, Summon Gieremund, and also Summon Water Leaper shards. All of these enhancements will aid players along their journey and make your playthrough a tad easier.

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However, if friend don’t know where to find the Bloodstained routine of the Night Fiend Fang, then every one of this details to essentially useless. There room two adversaries that autumn the Fiend Fang – Marbas and also Silver Wolfman.

The Fiend Fang location can be uncovered in the Den of Behomoths since that is where both of these enemies are located. If you’re unsure if you’ve reached the Den the Behomoths, the is accessible after releasing Gebel.

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Both that these enemies have a Fiend Fang drop price of just 8%. This means that you’ll most likely need to take on a grasp of enemies before you find a Fiend Fang. However, because both opponents are situated in the same place, that shouldn’t be difficult to uncover the proper enemies to fight.

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