Bleu De Chanel is one of the famous brands that offer miscellaneous products, consisting of shaving cream, moisturizer, perfumes, etc. 2 of that is fragrances, namely bleu De Chanel EDT and Bleu De Chanel EDP, are always on the optimal list the favorites

Leading to a dispute in between Bleu De Chanel EDT VS EDP amongst the customers regarding which is a far better pick among these 2 exciting fragrances native Chanel. It is natural to have actually such queries in mind together some human being vouch for bleu De Chanel EDT while others say smoke De Chanel EDP is better.

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Here we will talk about all the notable differences between Bleu De Chanel EDT VS EDP so friend can conveniently reach a conclusion and decide i m sorry is the perfect one to go for.

Bleu De Chanel EDT VS EDP Perfume

Whenever one thinks about using or gifting someone a high-end toiletry or fragrances because that men, then smoke De Chapel assets are certain to strike one’s mind.

Both the perfumes bleu De Chanel EDP (Eau De Toilette) and also Bleu De Chanel EDP (Eau De Parfum) are popular for offering a fresh and refreshing scent. They even come in a square deep blue shade bottle through a magnetic lid to provide an aesthetic attire.

As a result, this provides the as whole choosing process an ext confusing, particularly when girlfriend don’t have appropriate knowledge around the differences.

Here, in this section, we will briefly comment on and shot to give a quick comparison between these 2 fragrances come clarify all her doubts prior to taking the final call.

Let’s have a look in ~ the below factors to gain a much better understanding of the differences between these 2 perfumes and to know which is the appropriate one because that you:


The odor of both bleu De Chanel EDT and Bleu De Chanel EDP perfumes is fresh, sensual, and also energizing. In fact, ~ above opening, you will uncover a reassuring grapefruit aroma coming from it.

Next, to spice increase things and make the smell much more tempting and also appealing comes fresh citrus and also woody vibes that sandalwood, vetiver, and cedar.

Although the odor of both the perfumes is rather similar, there space still some noteworthy distinctions in the aroma that you can notice upon opened these fragrances. Favor in the smoke De Chanel EDT, friend will watch that the grapefruit scent is much more dominant contrasted to the bleu De Chanel EDP perfume.

And on height of that, bleu De Chanel EDP has actually a powdery note that might be miscellaneous many civilization will not prefer to have in their perfume.

However, these powdery opening keep in mind doesn’t last because that a longer time. Instead, the dries down flawlessly to offer an attractive and also enticing aroma. Contrasted to the much more lively and also fruity essence, the smoke De Chanel EDT smell has a solid upper hand in this sector.


The ingredients provided in perfume room the things that make the magic happen. The fragrance will indeed be unique and have a satisfied aroma if you have actually the perfect mixture and also combination. Similarly, a dorn ingredient mix can affect and damage the entire perfume aroma.

Though there are countless similarities in both the perfumes bleu De Chanel EDT and also EDP ingredients, but amongst EDP VS EDT, the stronger and much more concentrated one is the EDP.

As a result, they have actually plenty of more notes to sell the extra punch you require on a distinct day or a night out for driving her partner’s attention towards you.


Both smoke De Chapel EDT and EDP come with a high price tags label contrasted to similar fragrances. Still, that is precious every coin invested. Why?

The prize is simple!!!

Both of these perfumes are exclusive and tempting in their very own way.

Among these 2 perfumes indigenous Blue De Chanel, the price of bleu De Chapel EDP is more than the EDT. Some notable points in the EDP, like much better performance, smell, an ext longevity, etc., do it a bit superior over the EDT.

And thus, it ultimately affects the in its entirety costs; together it go by saying, the higher the quality and also demand, the more expensive it becomes. Now the suggest to keep in mind is the you can obtain a an ext powerful and also long-lasting performance scent at this price ranges, climate isn’t the a ns deal?

Well, it isn’t. After ~ all, it is the brand the matters a lot at the end of the day. And also desire and also wishes basically have no limitations.


There exist a substantial difference between the concentration level that both these perfumes. And also the leading reason behind this distinction is the use of an ext pure perfume oil in the EDP contrasted to the amount offered in the EDT.

Perfect Time come Wear

Although, bleu De Chanel EDT have the right to be worn all roughly the year. But, to be precise, it is a great summer season perfume the end of all seasons.

So, if friend are in search of a perfume the will provide you the best result in scorching warm weather, then undoubtedly, smoke De Chanel EDT is the one to go for. It basically functions as a booster that refreshes our mind and body by offering the exact energizing kick we should start our day.

In contrast, no issue where you go or what time of work you wear smoke De Chanel EDP, it will still have a charming influence. Even if it is it be a special event or a romantic day with your partner, that will never fail to please you.

Hence, as result of the powerful mix and impact, the bleu De Chanel EDP is just one of the perfect perfumes to wear throughout the year.


Different world have various hopes and expectations in life. The exact same goes for perfume. Here, the bleu De Chapel EDT projection is roughly 3 to 4 hours, which climate starts fading away through time.

In contrast, smoke De Chapel EDP has a projection of about 4 to 5 hours. But, unlike the EDT perfume, the note of the EDP dries down better on the skin and keeps on spreading its scent for a long time. Hence, based on the projection, EDP is the more powerful one.


Longevity is one of the an essential things come look for while purchase a perfume, as, after ~ the smell, the following thing that human being prioritize is the perfume’s longevity. The duration between EDT VS. EDP, the smoke De Chanel EDT, has some longevity issues, as it big for about 4 to 6 hours.

On the other hand, smoke De Chanel EDP has a longevity power of 6 to 8 hours or more. So, if you want a perfume the lasts much longer than 6 hours, spreading the very same appealing aroma, then bleu De Chanel EDP is the perfect one to walk for.

Which Is A better Pick: smoke De Chapel EDT Or smoke De Chapel EDP?

The answer to which is a better option amongst Bleu de Chapel EDT and also Bleu De Chanel EDP is totally personal and depends top top one’s taste and preference. However, we can guide and assist you in choose the right one for you.

Whether it be performance, lasting power, impactful projection, opening, or even concentration, smoke De Chanel EDP has a more powerful and much better stand from all perspectives.

But the doesn’t make bleu De Chanel EDT a poor option. Every human being being is different, likewise their choices and also desires. Some might like bleu De Chanel EDT more, when others might prefer EDP.

So, if friend are much more attracted come the grapefruit smell and also don’t treatment much around longevity, then you space welcome to pick Bleu de Chapel EDT.

Apart from this 2 reasons, bleu de Chapel EDT can likewise fall under your choice list if you want a vibrant and strong start at the beginning more than something else.

On the other hand, smoke De Chapel EDP is the perfect one for you if you desire a fragrance that goes with virtually all attires and also occasions all around the year. Besides, it even lasts longer and also keeps on spreading a rich and influential aroma to store you in the limelight.

Final Thoughts

There is basically no correct or wrong an option when choosing a perfume for your personal use. The same goes for smoke De Chanel EDT VS EDP; it entirely depends on your preference.

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We have provided our honest opinions based upon the various an essential characteristics that the perfumes and have make the efforts to assist you choose the best one because that you.