“Devils Never Cry” is the design template song for Devil May Cry 3. Parts of it can be heard throughout the game, such as when Dante runs dvery own the side of the Temen-ni-gru, and the… Read More 

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Steal a soul for a 2nd chanceBut you will certainly never come to be a manMy preferred torture renders me strongerIn a life that craves the hungerA Freedom and also a quest for lifeUntil the finish the judgment nightBmuch less me via your gift of lightsRighteous cause on judgment nighsFeel the sorrow the light has swallowedFeel the liberty choose no tomorrowStepping forth a cure for soul's demiseReap the tears of the victims criesYearning even more to hear the endure (of a)Of a demon as I put it underKilled prior to, a time to kill them allPassed down the righteous lawServe a justice that dwells in meLifeless corpse as far as the eye have the right to seeThe eye can seeThe eye have the right to seeThe eye have the right to seeThe eye have the right to seeThe eye can see
Bmuch less me with theLeaf off of the treeOn it I seeThe liberty reignWe are fallingThe light is callingTears inside meCalm me downMidnight callingMist of resolvingCrvery own me, with thePure green leafWorship to my father(Life of vengeance, a passive test)Blessed by the water(Until the grave, I will certainly rest)Black night, dark sky(Engage the push until it crumbles)The devils cry(The existence of the lifeless black souls)
Bless me through the(Onward, to the sacred battlefield)Leaf off of the tree(Wright here justification and borders are revealed)On it I see(Tools of steel, in rage they conquer)The freedom reign(Weed out, the killing of victim's stalker)We are falling(The powers proven to end the madness)The light is calling(Upon I, take it to finish the savage)Tears inside me(The rays of light, a fact of meaning)Calm me down(To my father, the blood is pleading)Midnight calling(A justice rage for all to feel)Mist of resolving(With innocent cries and hatred squeals)Crown me, via the(The gore of evil seems to satisfy)Pure green leaf(When slain and also maimed and pacified)

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Bless me via the(My chosen torture makes me stronger)Leaf off of the tree(In a life that craves the hunger)On it I see(A Freedom and a quest for life)The freedom reign(Until the finish, the judgment night)Worship to my father(Watch the footsteps, but never before follow)Blessed by the water(If you desire to live tomorrow)Black night, dark sky(Steel a soul for a 2nd chance)The devils cry(But you will never before come to be a man)


“Devils Never Cry” is the template song for Devil May Cry 3. Parts of it deserve to be heard throughout the game, such as once Dante runs dvery own the side of the Temen-ni-gru, and also the song’s main template deserve to be heard within various other tracks, most obviously in the “Divinity Statue” track; however, the complete song is only played during the end credits, the demo movie, and the bonus activity capture video. As presented in the Devil May Cry 3 manga, the song itself exists within the canon; it plays as soon as Dante turns on his jukebox, and also aacquire at the bar where Lady takes Alice.

The music was created by Tetsuya Shibata and also Kento Hasegawa, and also the lyrics were written by Shawn “Shootie HG” McPherkid. Shootie HG also performed the “Demonic Lyrics”, while the “Clear Lyrics” were perdeveloped by David Allen Baker. The song’s complete lyrics and the sheet music for the intro were likewise made available on Shootie HG’s website. The song was released through the Devil May Cry 3 Initial Soundtrack (released on March 31, 2005), and with Dangerous Hits (October 9, 2006).