“Blame it on your lying, cheating, cold, dead, beating, two-timing, double dealing, mean mistreating love heart," Patty Loveless sang on she 1993 chart-topper "Blame it on your Heart."

That"s a lengthy sentence — almost as long as the all-nighter Kostas Lazarides pulled before he composed the track with Harlan Howard. 

As Lazarides — well-known professionally together Kostas — speak it, Loveless" team didn"t desire the song, till they heard it was being provided in the 1993 film "The Thing called Love."

He told the story behind the track to Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters association International.

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Bart Herbison: All right. Aid me the end here. “Blame the on your lying, cheating, cold, dead, beating, two-timing, double dealing, mean mistreating loving heart!” 

I"ve obtained to tell you something, Kostas. When I heard that (lyric), ns think I was in my car (and) cursed near had a wreck. What a line, man. You created it through the late good Harlan Howard.

Kostas: Well, it started actually the night before. This song always seems to begin the night before. All ns remember is that i was getting together with Harlan to write the next (day). ... It appears to me the this was going to it is in our very first encounter ever before writing together. We had talked about it before that, and we set up this particular date. I would be coming to Nashville native Montana and hanging the end a month, 2 months in ~ a time. I"d be remaining at Shoney’s (Inn) ~ above Demonbreun at the time. And also what a carnie that was! that was a festival walking on there every work in the parking lot with all the tourists and also all. I to be going to it is in writing v Harlan in ~ 9 or 9:30 the next morning, which is top top the face of it, just that alone creating at 9 or 9:30 through anybody, sounds really dumb come me.

BH: That’s actually super at an early stage songwriter time. It"s favor 3 a.m. Come everybody else.

K: I mean, girlfriend either continued to be up every night to gain up at 9 to write a track or it just didn"t happen. However it was Harlan"s idea, so ns wasn"t going to argue through that old man. And he was my friend.

BH: i should probably insert, and also validly, so many world would rank him together the biggest songwriter in the background of modern-day country music ... Already under his belt (was) everything from “I fall to Pieces” forward.

K: Yeah. That was component of that legend pantheon of artists, songwriters, songs, music, all that.

BH: So, you had been increase a long, lengthy time. It to be a combination of partying, a long, lengthy night the turned right into a morning v no sleep, and the press of happen something down to Harlan Howard. Fair to say?

K: Well, friend know, I had actually been hanging out with Jody (Maphis, nation musician). That turned the end to be a long night. And also when that left, ns was tho in that, girlfriend know, rocket ship through the universe.

BH: Because you"re up all night now, you decide to stay up right into the morning and also tried come come up with something for the create the following day.

K: I wasn"t going to walk to sleep then. There"s simply no way to walk to sleep in ~ 3 or 4, wake up in ~ 8 and start writing in ~ 9.

BH: So, it"s same to say a combination of numerous things led you to an elongated happiness that can not have actually regularly arisen in nature! 

K: Yeah, the was one of them phenomena. ... So, we ended at perhaps 10:30 or so. And after(ward) I placed it under on my little cassette recorder. Climate he and I proceeded to walk over to Toucan Bar, and also then ns was just so melted out, I simply kind the crawled earlier over to Shoney"s and called it a day. Actually, I called it a day and night and a work again. Ns must"ve to be tired. 

The track then obtained into the hands of the pluggers. I told the males in the room there, and so walk Harlan, the we needed to gain the tune over to Patty Loveless. We both agreed that it would certainly be the perfect song for her. Lock didn"t want the song. They assumed it was a ditty. I thought to myself, "This can"t be happening. If this is a "ditty," climate what is this town made of?" due to the fact that ditties have the right to still be an excellent songs. I don"t know what a ditty is to start with.

BH: But somebody obviously thought much better of that. Quickly thereafter, there"s a major Hollywood motion photo made titled “A Thing called Love” about the Bluebird Cafe. And this tune is really a centerpiece that keeps recurring in the movie. Ns think Deborah Allen reduced it for the movie, right?

K: This was around two or 3 months after ~ the song came into existence, (Patty"s camp) retained rejecting it because that those two or three months. Then as quickly as that camp uncovered that Deborah Allen taped it because that the movie and that she was going to relax it as a single ...

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BH: If storage serves me correctly, i think that motivated a revisit by Patty"s camp to record it herself. It"s simply such crucial song, and literally all of the situations that led as much as it. It simply seems come me like it was among those that was meant to be.