Though Blake Lively had actually a small component in her dad’s move, The Sandman, earlier in 1998, her an initial official job was portraying Bridget Vreeland in The Sisterhood the The travel Pants. In the film, Lively portrayed a talented and also daring soccer player that was still coping v the death of her mother. Coincidentally enough, Lively’s real-life father, the so late actor, Ernie Lively, illustrated her dad in the film also. However what to be was it like for the for the Gossip Girl alum to job-related on together a big film for her very first project, and how walk the mother of three regulate to publication the role?

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Funnily enough, Blake had no attention in being an actor growing up. As her mom, dad, and four brothers were all entrenched in the entertainment industry, she wasn’t keen on acquiring into the “family business.” However, she elder brother, Eric Lively, encouraged her to walk on a few auditions. And, together luck would have actually it, those few auditions resulted in her very first gig. “I didn’t have an agent,” Blake mutual with Interview Magazine about her beforehand audition days. “I would just write under that ns was through my brother’s agency, and also then the agency would acquire calls and also say the they had actually no idea that I was. But after a couple of auditions, ns got The Sisterhood of the travel Pants, which was my very first job.”

Blake Lively shows on she very first movie, ‘The Sisterhood of the traveling Pants’

Even ~ booking together a substantial movie, Blake wasn’t sure that acting was going to be she path. However, she loved that she didn’t need to miss lot school for her first gig and also she actually filmed The Sisterhood that The Traveling trousers in the Summer in between her junior and senior year of high school. “It was an amazing first job,” the A an easy Favor star recalled. “And every I had to execute was miss out on finals at school? So i thought, ‘Well, this is great. Okay just shot out acting and see if I like it.’ i missed my finals, ns was far shooting for the summer, and I came earlier home. Yet rather than pursue acting, I decided that I want to complete out my an elderly year. I believed I’ll end up high school and then I’ll host off going to college because that a year and also just try it. Yet here i am tho acting. Things cleared up all right.”

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Of course, filming The Sisterhood the the Traveling pants wasn’t all smooth cruising for Blake. She admitted the she didn’t take into consideration the actual craft of acting till she saw footage indigenous the film. Furthermore, since she was so green, she make a variety of errors in prior of a big number that people.

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“It was good to have my very first opportunity be together a huge role, but also not great because all of the mistakes i made-the entire learning procedure was top top the big screen for everyone to see.” While that may have actually been jarring because that Blake’s very first gig come be together a large one, clearly things worked out for the actor. We’re certain her loyal fans space interested to view what she go next.