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Prestige mode in speak to of Duty: black Ops III

How prestige works and also the options that come through Prestiging

One the the many obstacles in speak to of Duty: black color Ops III is gaining XP to breakthrough through the levels. Every level increasingly requires an ext XP come rank up to the following level until reaching the maximum location of command (Level 55). However, there’s still part XP to be acquired after getting to Level 55.

After earning 55,600 XP in ~ the maximum Level 55, you can proceed playing together normal, however XP earned will not count toward any type of further level progression, and you will certainly no much longer earn Unlock Tokens.

You can additionally enter call Mode.

What is call Mode?

Prestige setting is essentially another step in the all at once progression in speak to of Duty: black color Ops III. Start Prestige setting resets players to Level 1 and also relocks all of the Weapons, Lethals, Tacticals, Perks, Wildcards, Scorestreaks, and also Specialist weapons and also abilities derived with Unlock Tokens. However, all weapon attachments, difficulties and difficulty progress, Camos and Camo progress, phone call Cards and Calling map progress, items obtained through the black Market, and also other customization items continue to be intact.

To enter Prestige Mode:

choose Menu from any kind of menu. From the Barracks tab, choose your Multiplayer Combat Record. Open the Prestige Mode option in the bottom appropriate corner.


Entering reputation Mode likewise comes through some distinct bonuses and also options:

Prestige Challenges – after entering Prestige because that the an initial time, players have the right to progress with a organize of brand-new Challenges based upon Combat Handling and also Efficiency, Perks, Lethals, Tacticals, and Wildcards.


To accessibility Prestige Challenges:

select Menu from any kind of menu. From the Challenges tab, select Multiplayer. Tab end to Prestige to watch the new Challenges and difficulty progression.

Permanent Unlocks – Permanently unlock any kind of item that requires an Unlock Token to access, make it available at Level 1.





Create A course slots – each of the first five Prestige levels earned unlocks a brand-new Create A course slot.


Prestige calling Cards – Players space awarded a unique Prestige phone call Card with each reputation level earned.


Prestige Icons – replacing the individual rank icons, Prestige symbols reside following a player’s surname in lobbies, in game, and on scoreboards to indicate Prestige level earned. Players can accomplish 10 level of prestige and, after ~ surpassing Level 55 in ~ Prestige 10, unlock grasp Prestige.

Players that reach grasp Prestige on playstation 4, Xbox One, and also PC can proceed to earn XP and gain levels as much as Level 1000. Further, a call Master’s level after 55 are significant with one orange color in lobbies, in game, and on scoreboards.


Is over there anything else?

Yes. After getting to Prestige because that the an initial time, football player will have two extra options with each subsequent Prestige level achieved. In addition to entering the next Prestige level, football player can select the following:

perform an Unlock Token Refund. Carry out a Fresh Start.

Refund – Re-lock every unlocked items and also get all formerly spent Unlock Tokens refunded. This permits you to try other Weapons, Lethals, Tacticals, Perks, Wildcards, Scorestreaks, and also Specialist weapons and abilities prior to entering call and starting over at Level 1.

Refund doesn’t impact items that have been unlocked permanently.

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Fresh Start – fully and permanently reset all stats and progress and also start end at Level 1 as if never ever playing in a publicly Match. This does not impact leaderboards, or Black sector or customization items. Learn much more about new Start.