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"The flow of Dreams" is a track by American musician Billy Joel. The is the title monitor and very first single from his 1993 album flow of Dreams. The song was a hit, peaking in ~ number 3 ~ above the joined States and UK charts, making the Joel"s highest charting that the 1990s (River of desires was the only album the released throughout the 1990s). It likewise hit the optimal spot in Australia, new Zealand, and on the Canadian and US Adult modern charts. The tune was developed by Joe Nicolo and Danny Kortchmar. in ~ least 4 versions that the song have actually been recorded and also released. Two versions (released year later) include a bridge section containing a piano interlude paralleling Joel"s melody native his song "Lullabye (Goodnight mine Angel)," i beg your pardon is from the very same album. This versions can be discovered on the boxed sets mine Lives and also Complete hits Collection: 1973–1999 – however even these versions different from each other, both in length and in arrangement: one, for instance, has more percussion. A fourth mix shows up as a bonus reduced on the UK CD solitary of "River that Dreams" — the "percapella mix" excellent by Nicolo.more »

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In the middle of the nightI go walking in mine sleepFrom the mountains of faithTo the river so deepI should be trying to find somethingSomething sacred I lostBut the flow is wideAnd it"s too hard to crossEven despite I recognize the river is wideI walk down every evening and I stand on the shoreI shot to cross to opposing sideSo I have the right to finally discover out what I"ve been looking forIn the middle of the nightI go walking in my sleepThrough the sink of fearTo a flow so deepI"ve been searching for somethingTaken out of mine soulSomething I"d never ever loseSomething someone stoleI don"t understand why ns go walking at nightBut now I"m tired and also I don"t desire to walk anymoreI expect it doesn"t take the rest of my lifeUntil I find what it is the I"ve been looking forIn the center of the nightI walk walking in my sleepThrough the tropical of doubtTo a flow so deepI recognize I"m trying to find somethingSomething so undefinedThat it deserve to only it is in seenBy the eye of the blindIn the center of the nightI"m no sure about a life ~ thisGod to know I"ve never been a spirituality manBaptized by the fire, i wade right into the riverThat runs to the promised landIn the center of the nightI go walking in mine sleepThrough the desert of truthTo the river so deepWe all end in the oceanWe all start in the streamsWe"re all brought alongBy the river of dreamsIn the center of the night(Gloria, it"s not Marie)

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Billy Joel william Martin "Billy" Joel (born may 9, 1949) is one American pianist, singer-songwriter, and composer. Due to the fact that releasing his very first hit song, "Piano Man," in 1973, Joel has end up being the 6th best-selling recording artist and the 3rd best-selling solo artist in the joined States, follow to the RIAA. He likewise has the 3rd best-selling album in the United states with his biggest Hits Vol.

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