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We"re prefer a salad bowl of provided vehicles! We have actually all varieties colors shapes and sizes v over 200 devices in stock! We specialize in late design low purpose of use vehicles. We additionally offer In-house and also bank jae won with rates as low together 2.9%

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have bought end a dozen vehicles over the last twenty years from invoice Blanchard they stand behind what lock sale and service never ever a problem taking care of what they sale .

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Customer company 5.0 Buying procedure 5.0 quality of repair 5.0 overall facilities — as whole experience 5.0
ns did an digital application told castle what I might afford. Sales Representative calls and also says sorry we can't help you. After all the pumping me up on the internet.

Customer business 3.0 Buying procedure 1.0 high quality of fix — all at once facilities — in its entirety experience 1.0
i love the family atmosphere and friendly employee at Fitts auto invoice Fitts is the ideal in the business. Castle have always been there because that my familys car needs. I have actually bought numerous vehicles from Fitts auto end the critical 25 year's and have been really pleased many thanks Robert Goshien

Customer business 5.0 Buying process 5.0 quality of fix 5.0 as whole facilities 5.0 all at once experience 5.0
Customer service 5.0 Buying procedure 5.0 top quality of repair 5.0 as whole facilities 5.0 overall experience 5.0
they did not get earlier to me. It's been over a week. What a hoax on over there part. Will not recommend anybody to go to them thru

Customer company 1.0 Buying process — quality of fix — in its entirety facilities — overall experience 1.0
my wife and also I have encountered you men for 5 years and we're very great to us! hi Jennifer! We have actually recommended plenty of to this dealership. Love the family members atmosphere!

Customer company 5.0 Buying procedure 5.0 top quality of repair 3.0 overall facilities 4.0 all at once experience 5.0
I constantly dread the car buying experience, and going with someone else is not my idea that a fun Saturday afternoon. However I was pleasantly surprised to it is in proven wrong. Invoice was accommodating without patronizing. He found out what mine daughter needed, could afford, and proceeded and onward us went. The took less than a couple of hours (a record). She is tickled pink and also I to be relieved. Thanks to Terri in finance too. Both of them were respectfully, and also fun. Ns recommend them!!

Customer company 5.0 Buying process 5.0 top quality of repair 5.0 as whole facilities 5.0 overall experience 5.0
go Credit app online ~ reading exactly how fair they were and also could help people with poor credit. No really true in mine opinion, yet the sales rep was honest and told me that if you had negative credit friend would need a large down payment (more 보다 $1500, which is large to someone with negative credit due to the fact that obviously money is one issue). Then i am told the this dealer does not frequently sale to individuals who live far away native the dealership-more 보다 2 hrs (even if it is in Arkansas and also I think there was a difficulty with the out of state employed staff too, yet it to be not stated directly). I guess if you have actually a little problem with credit and also live adjacent and have a big down payment,then they would sale friend a car( but so would certainly anyone).

Customer organization 2.0 Buying procedure 1.0 quality of repair — overall facilities — overall experience 1.0
We have actually two existing trucks that us are right now paying on because that over three years. I got terrific deal top top a 2004 Silverado with only 13,000 miles. I have now 30,000 mile on this truck. It's 10 year old and just choose a new truck. Ns have had actually no troubles with either truck. Can't wait to salary these turn off so we can buy an ext vehicles native them.

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Customer organization 5.0 Buying process 5.0 top quality of repair 5.0 overall facilities 5.0 in its entirety experience 5.0
certain the family members is nice and also will execute anything and also say anything to acquire you come buy a car. Yet after they obtain you in the car, then they become totally different people. We bought a auto from them since we to be in desperate need of a brand-new one. We finished up gaining suckered right into buying one the was way overpriced 보다 it should have actually been. However then again us were desperate, we drove off exact same day and also were quite happy. However when it come a few months later, ns accidentally missed a payment and also they repo'd it. Once I dubbed the next day, they were unwilling to occupational with me to let me make up the payment. They screwed united state over huge time and I feel taken advantage of. I definitely won't do company with lock again.

Customer company 2.0 Buying procedure 1.0 top quality of repair — all at once facilities 1.0 in its entirety experience 1.0

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