Hina cannes is the just one no nominated as Bigg boss punishes all others because that plotting nominations in code language.


Tonight’s episode of Bigg ceo 11 starts v contestants waking approximately the song, \"Saturday Saturday\" from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. But prior to that, Priyank have the right to be seen applying antiseptic ~ above Vikas\" hurt foot.

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Hina tells Priyank that Vikas will now try and come close to them again now that his close girlfriend Hiten has been eliminated. Looking in ~ Hiten’s bed, Shilpa speak Puneesh that she is feeling weird currently that Hiten has actually gone. Vikas and also Priyank room at the dining table where the previous tells him that Hiten reliable the wrong people, mentioning at Shilpa vice versa, Shilpa reveals come Puneesh the Vikas told her the if she did not conserve Hiten, that is fine together it to be all part of the game.


Bigg boss 11 contestants during nominations

Shilpa is no apologetic about eliminating Hiten as she speak Puneesh that she observed Hiten as the winner and also she just got rid of a solid contender and did nothing dorn in that. Anyone is playing a game and so did she. Puneesh agrees. She apologises and says, “I am sorry Hiten.” She additionally tells Puneesh to not to to trust anybody, consisting of her.

Vikas and Puneesh space in the garden area wherein they talk about nominations in password language, i beg your pardon is strictly against the rules of the show. That just records on and also everybody, other than Hina, start discussing nominations using the password words that has been deadline to each contestant. Arshi and Luv room seen frantically talking about who they would or rather have to nominate. Shilpa tells Puneesh and Luv that she desires to it is in nominated and Puneesh tells she what the various other housemates have actually been discussing about her in regards to nominations.

Akash, who has been punished and asked come eat just boiled food, decides to do food for himself. Various other contestants ask him not to disrespect Bigg Boss and that it would also affect their luxury budget plan but he does not listen to them and makes paranthas because that himself. Shilpa and Vikas say that he wants some much more screen time and hence is act this. As Vikas and also Priyank room spending more time v each other, Shilpa tells Puneesh that currently she feels that she go the right thing by voting the end Hiten as currently she deserve to see the real face of Vikas and also Priyank. The last two to be fighting every this while and are all of sudden close again.

Arshi tries to talk about the nominations with Priyank in password language and asks the if he desires to eat a crab (referring to Akash) from Hong Kong (referring to Hina). He tells her that he desires to eat the crab yet not native Honk Kong, suggesting that the is ready to nominate Akash yet not Hina yet. Priyank tells Hina the they are pointing out the nominations and it is Luv that is additionally involved in plotting against Hina. Priyank says he is disappointed through Luv, conversely, Hina does no bother much.

Shilpa, Puneesh and also Luv proceed to manipulate the nominations by introduce Vikas together bheja fry, Arshi as saanp (snake) and Priyank as muscles. Following morning, Vikas and Priyank room working out in the garden area. Shilpa and also Puneesh again wonder that just how these two have gotten so close to each various other again. Priyank speak Vikas the they should not fight till the time they are inside the house.

Hina speak Vikas and also Priyank the Shilpa is acquiring irritated now that she is not gaining to cook or go in the kitchen, and Vikas claims that kitchen chores and also cooking is like a stress-buster because that her.

With nomination being questioned left, right and also centre, Arshi asks Luv to nominate Hina and also Akash. He speak her the he cannot guarantee around Hina yet can nominate Priyank instead of Hina. Luv, who seems to have acquired lot of confidence after enduring week after week, indirect asks Akash to nominate Puneesh.

Bigg ceo summons all the housemates in the living area and also congratulates the height eight contestants for coming so far in the show. But instantly reprimands them for discussing nominations blatantly, and shows them your clips while castle were pointing out the nominations in password language. After see the footage, Hina jumps with joy and also tells that she to be the only one to not comment on the nominations. Hence Bigg ceo nominates every the contestants except Hina because that this week. Bigg boss tells them it is sad the they space in the 12th week and seven the end of eight contestants have been nominated.

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Priyank speak Hina that he acquired embroiled in this unnecessarily. Hina speak him the no one came to her because they knew she would not listen to them. She additionally says the she is clear who are those two contestants she wants to nominate, who may or might not gain eliminated. Arshi speak Hina the it was every a joke and also it to be not severe plotting and also planning. Akash and Arshi space in the kitchen where Akash, spring miffed v her, asks her not to talk to him as he has actually seen her plotting against him. He says that he does not desire to live inside the house and also wants come go house as he is fed increase of everybody.