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At big O Tires, our tire experts can carry out it all. If you need help finding brand-new tires or have a tire that demands repair, we’ve acquired you covered. We can additionally rotate her tires or align and also balance her wheels.

Big O Tires – your Tire Service and also Repair Headquarters

We proudly sell the adhering to services for your tires:

tires Purchase and Installation
tire Repair

Finding a small screw or pond in her tire is a big Oh No! moment. Quick, rapid tire repair from huge O Tires? now that’s a huge Oh correctly! If you have actually a level or punctured tire, nothing let it ruin your day. If the tire have the right to be repaired, our tire professionals will obtain you earlier on the roadway quickly.

Our tires repair company includes: Unmounting and also inspecting the tire, inside and out Repairing the tires (if applicable) Remounting and balancing the tire
If girlfriend think your tires could need to it is in replaced, a rapid visual inspect of your tread and sidewall will let you know. It is in on the lookout for the adhering to signs: Bulges or balloon in the sidewall little or large cracks Tread peeling away from the tire Bald or worn tread (tread less than 2/32” of an inch) agree tip: To watch if her tread has actually reached 2/32” or lower, carry out the coin Test. Grab a Lincoln penny, upper and lower reversal it upside down and place the penny right into a tread groove. If Lincoln’s entire head is visible, it’s time to get new tires
What room the different species of tires?

No matter what girlfriend drive, or where you journey it, we’ve gained the ideal tire because that you. Here’s a synopsis on few of the tire types that us sell:

Year-round tires All-season tires – Come rain or light (or also light snow), these functional tires have actually the traction you have to drive in any kind of season. All-terrain tires – prefer to head off the win path? All-terrain tires space built strong enough to take on dust trails and also rocky routes while still giving a comfortable ride out on the open road. Mud tires – They may be dubbed mud tires, yet these rough tires can additionally plow through other soft surfaces choose dirt and also sand.
Seasonal Tires Summer tires – this sporty tires room designed because that warmer weather, yet handle great in wet conditions. Summer tires are not meant to be moved in snow. Low file tires – low profile tires provide you specific handling you should take top top the tightest corners. Just like summer tires, protect against the snow with these.
Wheel alignment is one easy means to improve handling, get better gas mileage and help your tires critical as long as possible. At big O Tires, we sell a cost-free alignment check that includes: visual inspection the steering and also suspension device Tire pressure examine Inspection of alignment edge
tires Rotation

Just prefer wheel alignments, constant tire rotations promote even tire wear, and aid maintain traction and balanced handling. We recommend gaining your tires rotated twice a year.

tires Pressure examine

Tires spring a little low? Don’t placed off getting them checked. Low tires pressure have the right to lead to every little thing from premature wear to blowouts. If you desire to view where her tires stand, drive to your local large O Tires store. We’ll check the press in every one of your tires and adjust pressure if needed.

Wheel Balancing
If you’re feeling extra bump or vibrations when driving, it might mean the you require your wheels have to be balanced. Our wheel balancing business includes: Tire and also wheel removal inspection Mounting Sealing Inflating and also balancing brand-new tires

we’ll make sure that the weight of the wheel and also tires are properly balanced around each axle, for this reason you can enjoy a smooth ride, mile after mile.

snow Tire installation

If you’re planning on control through heavy winter conditions, then snow tires room a must. We lug a wide selection of winter tires and will assist you choose the right set for her driving style and climate. Once you’ve preferred your favorites, our tire professionals will remove your old tires and install your new winter tires.

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Performance tires – want to take your ride come the following level? performance tires might be the means to go. These have slightly stiffer sidewalls and softer tread compounds for boosted grip and also overall handling. Snow/winter tires – constructed to take on the coldest conditions, snow tires are important for those the drive in harsh winter weather. If you drive in significant snow conditions, look for a winter tire through the three-peak snowflake symbol.

We’ve been offering tires for over 50 years and can’t wait to help you discover your next set of tires. Nothing wait - request an appointment digital or come by your local huge O Tires store today!