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At huge O Tires, our tire professionals can execute it all. If you need help finding brand-new tires or have actually a tire that requirements repair, we’ve obtained you covered. Us can also rotate her tires or align and also balance her wheels.

Big O Tires – your Tire Service and also Repair Headquarters

We proudly sell the following services for your tires:

tire Purchase and also Installation
tire Repair

Finding a small screw or nail in her tire is a huge Oh No! moment. Quick, fast tire repair from big O Tires? currently that’s a large Oh correct! If you have a level or bag tire, nothing let it destroy your day. If the tire can be repaired, our tire professionals will obtain you back on the road quickly.

Our tire repair business includes: Unmounting and also inspecting the tire, inside and also out Repairing the tires (if applicable) Remounting and also balancing the tire
If girlfriend think your tires could need to it is in replaced, a quick visual inspect of your tread and also sidewall will certainly let friend know. Be on the lookout because that the adhering to signs: Bulges or balloon in the sidewall small or big cracks Tread peeling away from the tires Bald or worn tread (tread much less than 2/32” of one inch) pro tip: To view if her tread has reached 2/32” or lower, carry out the penny Test. Take a Lincoln penny, upper and lower reversal it upside down and also place the penny into a tread groove. If Lincoln’s entire head is visible, that time to get new tires
What room the different species of tires?

No matter what girlfriend drive, or where you journey it, we’ve gained the ideal tire for you. Here’s a summary on several of the tire species that us sell:

Year-round tires All-season tires – Come rain or light (or even light snow), these versatile tires have actually the traction you need to drive in any season. All-terrain tires – choose to head off the win path? All-terrain tires room built solid enough to take on dust trails and also rocky paths while still offering a comfortable ride the end on the open up road. Mud tires – They might be dubbed mud tires, however these rough tires can additionally plow through various other soft surfaces prefer dirt and also sand.
Seasonal Tires Summer tires – these sporty tires room designed because that warmer weather, yet handle great in wet conditions. Summer tires room not expected to be driven in snow. Low file tires – low profile tires give you precise handling you have to take ~ above the tightest corners. As with summer tires, protect against the snow with these.
Wheel alignment is an easy method to enhance handling, get far better gas mileage and assist your tires critical as long as possible. At large O Tires, we market a totally free alignment examine that includes: intuitive inspection the steering and suspension device Tire pressure examine Inspection the alignment angle
tires Rotation

Just favor wheel alignments, continual tire rotations promote even tire wear, and aid maintain traction and also balanced handling. Us recommend acquiring your tires rotated double a year.

tires Pressure check

Tires feather a small low? Don’t put off obtaining them checked. Low tire pressure deserve to lead to everything from premature wear to blowouts. If you want to view where her tires stand, journey to your local large O Tires store. We’ll inspect the pressure in all of your tires and adjust pressure if needed.

Wheel Balancing
If you’re emotion extra bump or vibrations if driving, it might mean that you require your wheels need to be balanced. Our wheel balancing company includes: Tire and wheel removal investigate Mounting Sealing Inflating and balancing new tires

we’ll make certain that the load of the wheel and also tires are properly balanced roughly each axle, so you have the right to enjoy a smooth ride, mile ~ mile.

snow Tire installation

If she planning on steering through heavy winter conditions, then eye tires space a must. We bring a wide selection of winter tires and will aid you choose the right set for your driving style and also climate. Once you’ve liked your favorites, ours tire professionals will remove your old tires and also install your brand-new winter tires.

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Performance tires – want to take her ride come the following level? power tires might be the method to go. These have actually slightly stiffer sidewalls and also softer tread compounds for improved grip and also overall handling. Snow/winter tires – constructed to take on the coldest conditions, snow tires are essential for those the drive in harsh winter weather. If you journey in serious snow conditions, look because that a winter tire with the three-peak snowflake symbol.

We’ve been offering tires for over 50 years and can’t wait to help you find your next collection of tires. Nothing wait - request an appointment digital or come by her local huge O Tires keep today!