The Battlefield 2042 beta is right now underway, and also many players space encountering a pest called “Unknown Error” as soon as trying to play the game. Battlefield 2042 is one of the many highly-anticipated gamings this fall, and also the servers are understandably acquiring hammered throughout the an initial days the the open beta because of high demand. Server troubles like this are an extremely common during betas, and also DICE has been an extremely open about these worries as the beta rolls out in more regions.

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Here’s how to deal with the Unknown Error pest in the Battlefield 2042 beta.

How to settle Unknown Error in Battlefield 2042

Many players are experiencing an Unknown Error in the Battlefield 2042 beta when trying to play a conquest match. The Unknown Error bug is a server-side issue, therefore there unfortunately isn’t anything that players have the right to do top top their end to resolve it.

If you've met our girlfriend 'Unknown Error' – Sit Tight.

This isn't on your end, we're simply scaling up every one of our servers to satisfy the need #BattlefieldBeta

— Freeman