While Vince Gilligan’s Breaking poor remains one of the finest television television series of the previous decade, the prequel collection is quick approaching its an extremely own cut down with far better Call Saul season 4. That’s due to the fact that the spin-off all around how Jimmy mc glitter becomes Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), the attorney for criminals who helped Walter White’s (Bryan Cranston) medicine empire, is just as great.

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On Monday, the fourth season for Gilligan and also co-creator Peter Gould’s show, i m sorry started six years before Breaking Bad, finds Jimmy mourning the death of his brother, Chuck mcgill (Michael McKean), when struggling to find work as an unemployed and also disgraced lawyer. There space still a few years left to go before he transforms right into the male viewers very first met in 2009, yet judging by what we recognize about far better Call Saul season 4, it will certainly happen very soon.

Better call Saul season 4 predictions: The collection will finally go into the Breaking bad timeline

In a special issue of entertain Weekly commemorating the 10th anniversary of break Bad, Gilligan revealed the “Better speak to Saul season 4 will finally crossover with the other series’ timeline. “I picture two huge circles relocating together, converging right into an ever-largening Venn diagram, and also that Venn diagram represents the overlap,” the said. “That area the overlap is getting larger and larger.”

Gould included that they’re “still a couple of years out from Walter White, however you’ll watch some things that will certainly ring a bell.” This, Gilligan noted, will certainly play the end in “a subplot that an extremely squarely gets right into Breaking bad territory and brings us right into the people – or at the very least points us on a course toward the human being of Walter White.” special, the abovementioned (but never prior to seen) personality Lalo (Tony Dalton) will flesh this the end in much better Call Saul sesaon 4.


Better call Saul season 4 predictions: But will certainly we see Walter or Jesse?

As Gould formerly warned, season four is “still a few years the end from Walter White,” however that doesn’t typical the brand-new season will completely avoid any and also all reference to him or his eventual partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Fans have been hoping for a cameo by one of two people character since far better Call Saul first premiered, and while the potential for such an occurrence has constantly been there, it has never been as solid as the is now.

Cranston went to the set while Gilligan and agency were filming season three, setting off a flurry the rumors around White’s come on the much better Call Saul scene. The gibbs was just visiting, of course, but the co-creator took an alert of the buzz. The told entertain Weekly that he “desperately” wanted to watch Walter and also Jesse in the show, together did everyone else. “Peter wants it, the authors do, the actors do,” he added.

Better speak to Saul season 4 predictions: Jimmy will finally become Saul

A prediction who outcome is all but guaranteed, however, is the season four will finally see McGill’s an initial steps toward coming to be Goodman. Throughout a recent set visit, The daily Beast noted one office storefront window with a authorize that read, “SAUL GOODMAN, lawyer AT LAW.” once asked about it, Odenkirk closely explained, “You space going to watch a scene in Saul’s office native the time duration of breaking Bad.”

There space still a few years to go before the prequel series catches up to its predecessor, but judging by Odenkirk’s explanation, the scene — and collection — in question may stem native Gilligan’s disclose that much better Call Saul season 4 would certainly flash-forward to the rest Bad”timeline on occasion. For this reason yes, the sounds choose Jimmy will be stepping into Saul’s shoes because that a bit this time around.

Better contact Saul season 4 predictions: Kim, however, may be on the means out

Aside indigenous Saul’s arrival, one of the most pressing questions viewers have actually had because season one is, “Who is Kim Wexler, and what’s walk to happen to her?” Jimmy’s on-again-off-again partner, play by Rhea Seehorn, has been a pivotal force in the titular lawyer’s life from day one. However she’s i do not have anything to be discovered in breaking Bad. Kim is not even mentioned once. Obviously, she to be a late addition to the prequel story, yet the concern remains.

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Following season three’s auto accident and the fatality of Chuck, Kim is struggling to aid Jimmy process his grief while landing top top her very own two feet. V the eventual finish of better Call Saul, i m sorry AMC has already renewed because that a fifth season, top top the horizon, it’s inevitable that she will finally leave him for good. That, or some aspect of the new, darker route Jimmy is about to take will certainly lash out and also remove Kim native the picture.