In Warframe there are numerous different types of resources that will be released together you progression through the game. One of them is Endo, which in the first couple of hours starts to come to be super important.

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Endo can be provided to enhance your Mods and although the little amounts found at the start of the game are enough for the beginning of the video game it shortly becomes scarce.

This guide concentrates on presenting you come the finest ways come get huge amounts of Endo. Therefore you"ll have much more freedom to test brand-new builds and Mods without being afraid to spend hrs farming to boost your Mods.

1. Market Ayatan Sculptures (or Stars)

Arbitrations missions

Arbitrations objectives are unique nodes the are just unlocked after you beat every node on the Star chart once. Therefore this is not the best an approach for a beginner, but a an extremely useful method for veterans.

During your quests, the is almost certain that you will receive an Endo or an Ayatan Sculpture in every round. Climate you will quickly reach thousands of Endo in ~ the finish of the quest.

3. Carry out some unique Excavations

Some Excavations provide tons of Endo, if you understand which ones space the finest you will have a good source that resources.

You will must go come the high-level digs: Cholistan (Europe), Despina (Neptune), and Hieracon (Pluto).

Every an initial and 2nd excavator of every four excavations you finish will have actually a 25% opportunity to acquire 400 Endo. If you acquire a great team and also at a an excellent speed, you have the right to farm a big amount the Endo in a few minutes.

4. Do the Rathuum Arena

Among the main ways the Farmar Endo, among the main alternatives is to walk to Rathuum Arena. Call in Vodyanoi (Sedna) usually yields a most Endo, periodically even much more than Arbitrations.

5. Decoding your copied Mods

While it"s not necessarily one of the methods to gain a lot of Endo, it"s among the simplest. Just find the duplicate Mods and deconstruct.

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Tips on how to boost your possibilities of acquiring Endo

Resource booster will not double the quantity of Endo you choose upResource drop chance booster will additionally not boost the amount of Endo girlfriend can gain per mission.Nekros "Desecrate" capacity will force all opponent corpses roughly him come drop additional loot with a 54% chance and it also increases the chances to obtain Endo.Smeeta Kavat v the "Charm" mod has actually the opportunity to provide you (and your entirety team) the "double pickups and also affinity" buff.