What is the finest attacking strategy for th7?

Have a an excellent number of troops prefer Balloons and also Giants (to attack defensive buildings) combined with dragon or Archers/Wizards. An initial clear defensive buildings from one side. Then litter Dragons or Archers and also Wizards to the side to destroys the buildings left the end of protection.

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What is the best strike strategy for town hall 7?

Send in an Archer come activate the clan castle troops, then usage your Lightning order to death them. Usage your Archers to take it out any type of exterior buildings, or unprotected defenses. (Primarily try to damage any type of Air defenses in Range.)

Which troops are best for assault in COC?

Attacking other players — even if it is in war or because that loot — is an additional essential component of the game, and upgrading troops come the maximum level is important since it means they deserve to do, and also survive, an ext damage. Archers and barbarians space the most basic to upgrade and also are defined as “Tier 1” troops.

What have to I upgrade very first in TH7?

First priority upgrades: military camp #4 to level 2. This instantly boosts your army strength by 30-40% in ~ the very first hour the TH7. If you have 4-5 builders, usage the same builder to update it to lvl5 straightaway, otherwise leave it in ~ level 2 because that now.

What level should you be at TH7?

They should be level 6 prior to you walk on to town Hall 7. It’s ideal if your wall levels room the same as her TH level, with the exception of Lava walls(level 10 walls) that you deserve to upgrade at TH9.

What is max levels because that TH7?

Dragons max level 2.

Archers max level 4.Barbarians max level 4.Giants max level 4.Wall breakers max level 4.Healers max level 2.Goblins max level 4.Balloons max level 4.

Is Barch a good strategy?

Introduction: “Barch” means (B)arbarians and (ARCH)ers. It is one of the more commonly offered attacks, and also it is used due to the fact that it is Elixir efficient and also trains relatively fast, and also can swarm weaker bases if supplied correctly. This strategy is both an excellent for agriculture (especially Elixir) and pushing your trophies.

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Is Barch great for TH7?

I recommend barch to anyone in TH7-12 so that you can emphasis on your AQ and also warden upgrades beforehand on. Girlfriend should have actually a decently leveled queen (>lvl50) through TH13 and also you deserve to graduate to QW barch to gain huge loot in TH13.

What sort of strike strategy perform you use in TH7?

Giant and archers for luring and also killing opponents cc troops, hogs because that destruction, healing spells to store hogs alive and also wizards to complete off preventive buildings. That’s what I use for 3★ in battles

What’s the best attack strategy for city Hall 7?

I’ve found the most consistent strike strategy for town hall 7 is dragaloonian (in wars, I have a 100% 3 star success price for any TH7 after ~ 10 attacks). I usage 25 lvl 4 balloons, 3 dragon (lvl not important), 5 minions, 1 giant and lvl 6 balloons in CC. The giant lures the end the cc. Ns then lug the cc come a corner with a minion.

Which is the finest 3 star strategy in clan war?

LaLoon (TH9 – TH11) 3 Star Strategy because that Clan War. LaLoon is an all-time standard attacking strategy and also extremely viable in Clan battle to execute 3-Star attacks, as you have actually the capacity to operation outsmart the defenses.

Are there any kind of attacking techniques in Clash that clans?

There are literally loads of attacking methods out there in Clash that Clans however the difficulty is: i beg your pardon one will work great for you? execute you search for an attack strategy to farm or for Clan War? those your town Hall level?