Keyshawn: Steelers have to be concerned about huge Ben"s pectoral injury (0:45)Keyshawn Johnson outlines why the Steelers should be concerned around Ben Roethlisberger"s pectoral injury due to his age and also their poor offensive heat play. (0:45)


PITTSBURGH -- The Steelers included a far-reaching name come their list of hurt players Tuesday: Ben Roethlisberger.

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Coach Mike Tomlin said the quarterback was handling a left pectoral injury, however said he didn"t know exactly how it happened. It wasn"t publicly disclosed during postgame interviews with Tomlin or Roethlisberger.

"I don"t recognize specifically when Ben gained injured in game," Tomlin said. "I don"t understand that he does. Girlfriend know, sometimes simply in the midst of competition, adrenaline and so forth, you simply don"t know. Sometimes things just come up after."

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Roethlisberger took just two sacks in the loss come the ras Vegas Raiders, however he was hit 10 times. Tomlin recognized it to be too lot for his 39-year-old quarterback and also offered options that might keep every mainly from being a repeat.

"Yeah, the did," Tomlin said. "He took too numerous hits. We have the right to run the round better. We can get the ball out of his hand quicker. We can stay on schedule and also not gain behind the sticks and get in situations where the line of the game is so much that the that boosts the rush."

A main ago, Roethlisberger stated he felt several of the soreness linked with live tackling ~ the first game, and also he acknowledged it again after the second.

"I"m disappointed we lost the game, and also I"m disappointed that i didn"t beat well sufficient to aid us success the game," he said Sunday. "The bumps and also bruises come through football."

The Steelers" injury issues, though, expand far past Roethlisberger. Four Steelers are handling groin injuries, including T.J. Watt, that exited the video game in the first half. Fellow exterior linebacker Alex Highsmith is additionally dealing through a groin injury that wasn"t disclosed after the game. He was previously working with a groin injury so late in maintain camp.

Devin Bush and also Joe Haden likewise have groin injuries that retained them the end of Sunday"s game.

"I"m no making any drastic statements about the availability of any of this guys because of the level of the injury changes, the prognosis," Tomlin said. "And the man himself transforms the prognosis. We"ll offer guys an possibility that room close sufficient to aid the practice. We"ll give them an opportunity to practice throughout the food of the week.

"And if castle practice, we"ll look at the top quality of that exercise or how much lock practice and also let that be a overview for united state in terms of their potential participation. Some more established players have the right to play on much less prep 보다 others. ... There room a most variables in ~ play, but not too many concerned about it. This, you know, this is the tightrope that us walk main in and week out."

Nose tackle Tyson Alualu additionally went on injured reserve with an fish eye fracture and also had surgical procedure for that Monday, Tomlin said. The Steelers advocated defensive lineman Henry Mondeaux indigenous the practice squad to fill Alualu"s spot.

Wide receiver Diontae Johnson hurt his knee on the final play the Sunday"s loss. Tomlin to be vague, yet rather optimistic about his status.

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"He"s feather better, however not to be puzzled with great," Tomlin said. "We"ll follow him and his health as we get through the week."

Even through so plenty of injuries ahead of one AFC phibìc meeting through the Cincinnati Bengals, Tomlin stated the answers room "in-house."

"Thankfully in today"s NFL, v the adaptability of practice squads and so forth, we have all the answers in-house," the said. "I"m not necessarily worried around the injury in regards to our expectations, in regards to our performance. We have a week come prepare with known issues. In-game injuries cause more problems 보다 known issues like you"re challenged with below at the top of the week."

To help with the injury situation, the Steelers signed former first-rounder Taco Charlton come the exercise squad Tuesday. Charlton invested two seasons in Dallas, one in Miami and also one in Kansas City. He joins safety Karl Joseph as among two previous first-round picks on the Steelers" practice squad.