Guys, how countless times we are gonna need to not purchase this before Ben & Jerry’s stop making a cannoli ice cream cream?

Dial it back to 1997 for a minute. It was then the Ben & Jerry’s exit Holy Cannoli – a bold mix of ricotta and pistachio ice creams with chocolate covered cannolis and roasted pistachios. It released with much promise to fulfill millions that Italian-American overeaters all over the country.

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“Mangia! Mangia! Mangia!” 

They didn’t mangia.

Fast forward to 1998.


So Ben & Jerry’s got earlier to job-related (or possibly did nothing) until 2012.


Now, hedging your bets, round 2 of Cannoli was just intended for a limited run. It to be a complete redesign through mascarpone ice cream, fudge spanned cannoli pastry covering chunks, and a mascarpone swirl. It was offered for 4 months and also hadn’t returned… till now.

I didn’t to buy Cannoli, but it wasn’t due to the fact that it didn’t sound good to me. Ns was just on a big fitness kick after a particularly… hmmm how do you to speak it… “obese” adolescence, and this was my time of massive course correction. During its very first release it simply didn’t sound worth my calories. Today? A cannoli is usually a celery stalk contrasted to my continuous diet.


Ben & Jerry’s has brought back this version of Cannoli together a “Fan Favorite”, which method it’s a full-time flavor until additional notice. I discover it sort of tough to believe it to be truly a fan favorite if nearly 8 years have gone by there is no a reappearance, specifically with a prolonged list of better-sounding candidates resting in the graveyard. But I additionally feel a sense of urgency come eat it before Ben & Jerry’s kills it again, so let’s gain right come it.

As a reminder, this is the mascarpone version of Cannoli.


If you’re not a fat Italian Goombah prefer me, you could not also know what mascarpone is. It’s usually an Italian cream cheese made with much more fat. And also its consumption here is value-added. The mascarpone ice cream cream is richer and more decadent than any kind of other Ben & Jerry’s base I can think of, straddling in between a sweet cream ice cream and a cheesecake ice cream.

I’m having actually a difficult time distinguishing the mascarpone swirl from the rest of the base though. Ns feel choose the swirl is probably including to the all at once richness, yet I’m likewise wondering if it’s too redundant. A much less duplicative mix-in would certainly have produced a more interesting ice cream, despite it’s pretty clear they want to supply as lot cannoli cream flavor as possible with this design. Ns can’t also say it’s too successful at that; I’m not certain I think of cannoli cream once I eat this.

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The chocolate-covered cannoli covering pieces space crunchier 보다 I expected, i m sorry is a plus. Some pieces are lot bigger than others but unfortunately they room a small too sparse to acquire excited about. The chocolate likewise masks a lot of the pastry covering flavor, avoiding the as whole flavor indigenous landing squarely on “cannoli.”

I’m happy I finally got to try Ben & Jerry’s Cannoli, however it’s absolutely not among THIS fan’s favorites…

Get the shotgun… i don’t care.

Zombie ice cream Cream Rating: 8 the end of 10Idiot fans Not learning What They desire Rating: 2 the end of 10Overall Rating: 5.5 the end of 10

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