Brand: bathtub & body Works Location: Henderson, KY, US job Area: Store: Sales and Support combine Employment type: Part-time project ID: 02D0H

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that we are

With an inclusive retail setting that is sustained by passionate associates, bathtub & human body Works is just one of the many creative, dynamic and financially rewarding fashion retailers in the industry. We are a $6.4 billion retail brand – and growing – through 10+ year of back-to-back growth and also unlimited potential. We are the world’s leading fragrance retail brand because that body and home, ceded through fashion, trend and also newness with products that space globally-inspired.

The opportunity

We’re hiring automatically for friend to join our team together a seasonal sales associate for the holiday season. In this role, you will be the face of bath & Body functions — knowledge our customers’ needs and helping them find the finest products because that themselves and others. Ours associates are dedicated to delivering exceptional and also consistent client experiences the positively impact sales expansion in their store, and contribute to a positive, high-energy environment.

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As an associate, girlfriend will:

continuously execute our selling design in a fun, team atmosphere Meet sales goals and expectations during your scheduled shifts develop a very satisfied and loyal client base through engagement, uncovering needs, do product recommendations, and capturing customer phone numbers/email addresses assistance product replenishment tasks that keep the keep full and also abundant help with floorset execution, window changes, visual presentation and marketing placement together needed provide on our values, policies and also procedures

What you deserve to expect from us

A was discount that 30% at bath & Body functions A fun, lucrative experience where you deserve to be friend … due to the fact that we believe in making the people a brighter, happier location through fragrance, and that diversity, equity and inclusion do us more powerful Potential because that a longer-term position after the vacation season


What you’ll add to the team

demonstrated sales and also customer service results in a fast-paced environment access for differed weekly shifts including weekend, closing and peak hour move Effective interaction skills, being open to feedback and the capacity to take activity on that

An equal chance employer, we do not discriminate in rental or terms and conditions that employment since of one individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sex identity, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, sexual orientation, pregnancy, genetic information, marital condition or any other protected category recognized by state, federal or regional laws. We only hires individuals authorized because that employment in the united States.