I love bookstores. Ns love come look at books while I hold them in my hands. I don’t want to bespeak them, and I don’t want to review them ~ above a screen. The employee had constantly been nice come me before COVID. Then come COVID and also B&N changed. They room so worried around being open. The employees and also powers that he seem not to understand that they’re walk to need to be much better than ordering books online. Or maybe civilization who just really desire B&N come survive have to work there.

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There room 13 civilization in heat to examine out and no initiative being made to open another register. And they will feel aggrieved once Amazon cd driver them out of business.

Ive always enjoyed going to Barnes and Noble. The store is always well kept and clean. Back if i were to give a an unfavorable I dont favor their existing layout through shelves being collection in square areas. I havent been in a while and also the floor setup felt means more open. I beg your pardon is great for go around, yet at the very same time it nearly felt favor they arent delivering as plenty of titles as before.

If you believed they only had actually books, you wrong!!! They have tons the kids and also adults books, PLUS many board games and amazing toys. Lock have space items, girl toys, even books teaching her dog tricks

Lots of really cool collectables, and of course publications lol. The employee at this ar was really friendly as well.

Employees space so kind! the save is maintained wonderfully organized, and also they have an amazing selection of books. Lock play quite music, and also overall BNBG is a an excellent atmosphere.

Dont treatment for the existing layout and the truth it has no newspapers. I offered to acquisition the new York times at B and N in Houston. This store doesnt also stock the local disappointment.

I love book stores, so 5 stars because that that, yet this is a review of your Starbucks, i beg your pardon the staff behind the respond to was kind sufficient to allude out was no franchised. Not certain if friend hire your baristas for simply their coffee making expertise or not, however this one lacked all those soft skills most customer business professionals have. If you space going to point out that you are currently going to need to sanitize something due to the fact that I touch it, feel totally free to in reality do simply that! If youre no going to, why bother saying it to me? If I present you a drink order and say one thing, and you indicate it means something else, explain that, right? i dont need to be an experienced in the coffee home lingo to order something I found on TikTok, okay? first bad experience right here ever. #246

Great selection of books, great for every ages. A good childrens section and a friendly employee are just two factors to come check out this great bookstore!

Im a manga collector, and also I have the right to say the this store has been good for my collection. They almost always have the newest volume of whatever Im collecting and have good variety.

We love that here. Its generally quiet and also we gain some outside the house family time. The coffee shop, kids book area and cost-free games room all great. Awesome employee too!

Hours top top door was no updated. Covid led to them to redo store, eliminating part room. I know that, but choice is now worse. Staff only beneficial as girlfriend leave.. .

Is this place going the end of business? The within looks like the place is closing. The floor is filthy and also the shelves room dirty. Employee not very welcoming. I have constantly been a pan of book stores and have been in this one number of times however I will certainly not be back. Better, cleaner organization ordering online.

What a great place. Called and also asked if they had what us was looking for. They placed it back for us to pick up the following day. Very nice human being working there. Very recommend. They are much more then books also.

Fantastic bookstore and great people. We just did dome Christmas shopping for 5 nephews and nieces v educational youngsters games at 75% off.Always a nice choice of books.

Love this store, therefore fors mine family and children. Unique quality items, specialty stuff the you have have the right to not just find at any type of old department shop! We certain love Barnes & Noble!!¡¡¡¡️

Barnes & Noble is always such a treat! for this reason clean, friendly service, and also WONDERFUL BOOKS!!! only the ideal of the best and also the recent additions! few of the books even have signatures from the authors. There are cozy nooks and also lots the space. The childrens section is awesome. The books I have obtained here are crisp and brand-new and filled v awesome adventures. Overall a wonderful suffer for all readers.

Love this shop! The people are friendly and helpful and also the save is just loaded through awesome stuff. I discovered exactly what I essential here.

Really great spot for lots of different species of books! staff are very helpful ~ above what you must find and also how to locate them. Though i would prefer to have an ext precise place on a book because online it may display they have actually on stock but not in the particular genre location and may take it a if to find by letter. It also has a neighborhood Starbucks i beg your pardon is additionally a relaxing place to buy coffee in the bookstore.

Great assortment of books and various items, it was also an excellent that there was a Starbucks where I can get a pretty cup of coffee while my daughter shopped.

It to be nice, organized. Go to gain a Bible and also had just a couple of options. However I uncovered what I want for a great price. Kids section looks awesome. Quite Harry Potter displays. No cashier in ~ the register.. Had to wait up there because that a minute, yet she to be polite. It was okay :)

I really dont think in the method they do business. Very liberal v their ideology and also the employees are rude.

Fun time to simply browse for 20 minutes or so!I notified a book....came in top top time. No trouble getting. Staff really helpful!

Books and so much more! good place to browse v books and also magazines. They have actually a Starbucks inside where you can enjoy a publication while sipping a cup that coffee. Good place for gift buying for all ages.

Everything the books, games, and also maps. If lock dont have actually it, they can order it. This ar in BG has very friendly service.

Always gain barnes and noble. Great book selection for all kinds of people and also interests. Rarely execute I go in there and not find what ns looking for. If i havent found it staff has always been helpful in finding the online and also getting it transport to the house or store. I save going earlier for a reason.

Great place, still slightly overpriced yet thats no changing. The environment is therefore welcoming and also homey friend may simply see an larger gentleman take it his boots off, kick back and read

Barnes and Noble is a high quality bookstore for those of us who still love the feeling of a real book in our hands. Company is friendly without gift intrusive. The magazine stand is irresistible.

Love the world working here. Castle are constantly pleasant and also helpful. The café is wonderful and also our walk to spot instead of the Starbucks. The save is always a an excellent environment. My entirety family might spend hrs in here. ;) toilet is clean too. Always some good deals in the middle.

I believe the staff might be much more informative and definitely a lot for lighter at the very least the ones that Ive spoke through these last two times

I was searching for a infant book. Walmart and also Target didnt have what ns was feather for and also Barnes and also Noble had a an excellent selection.

Perfect location, exorbitant selection, an excellent customer service. The B&N Starbucks café is therefore convenient.

They have actually a completely functioning starbucks here. I didnt gain anything, yet it to be a nice location to spend my lunch break at.

Staff is constantly helpful. Us attended a tiny Harry Potter event. The youngsters made a little golden switch and they gave out samples that butter beer fraps.

Ive loved this ar for the longest time! exorbitant books and deals. They simply ordered me one critical week.

Of food Barnes and also Noble is just one of the ideal places to obtain a book but I likewise go there every time I want to to buy something different for a gift.

I love this place. I regularly take clients right here for meetings. Over there coffee is a bit expensive, yet the ambience is great.

We had a employee still mine daughters toy ~ she put it down. Really disappointed together we are constant visitors.

Absolutely LOVE this Place!!!! finest book choice around! we love going to acquire Starbucks and also buying publications from Barnes & Noble every Month! :)

One of my favorite areas to go and also spend some time out of the house. Theres so countless books. My only downside is that i cant decide what come keep and what can wait for the next visit.

Good selection, selection of books. Also, a couple of pens and also a good selection of publication style calendars. No so much on wall surface calendars.

Went late evening time employee were an extremely kind and also helpful. Likewise have a member to B&N which offers you monthly totally free cafe drink. Checkout lines no one which was nice however checkout human being did it seems to be ~ to busy took a minute for she to know were ready

My favorite location to go. Loads of get deals, through a great clean vibe. The employee is really helpful and nice.

It is constantly a satisfied to visit BN v the smell of Starbucks in the air and a smorgasbord that books around you, how might you go wrong.Staff are friendly and prompt to help.Love the atmosphere....

This location has actually an unadvertised no return policy, i beg your pardon is ABSURD in this day and also age. Also with a receipt, the many they offer is a BN gift card. Yes, they are so no hope to trap civilization into shopping there that even if girlfriend return an item with a receipt you can only swap it because that a different publication from the location. If you need to purchase a book, do yourself a favor and also buy the from Amazon. At the very least they have a legit returns policy!

This is just one of my favorite places in Bowling Green. The employee in knowledgeable, the place easy to discover - though parking have the right to be a tiny bit the a ache -, and the building is well-kept. This location likewise has a Starbucks, which provides for a great pick-me-up while looking for your next great read.

They have a great selection with literary works ranging from the standards to modern-day graphic novels. That being said, castle on the pricey side and also theyve started stocking pro-Trump conspiracy publications thats been attracting an unsavory crowd.

I always enjoy going come Barnes and also Noble. The staff is friendly and is knowledgeable about their store and also products. That is a place I have the right to take my daughter together well, and also she constantly enjoys the too. This location is clean and well kept.

The save is clean and nice. The shelves room well organized, and also the assistants are kind and also helpful. A good place to go for books.Unfortunately, the book prices at the B&N stores all over are excessive, and that is all the matters because, in the end, we dont visit the B&N bookstores to socialize however to purchase books.As an example, when I required to purchase three books about two weeks earlier I checked the prices both at B&N and Amazon, and also found the end that I could save 40% of the full price if i purchased them in ~ Amazon, therefore I acquired them there. The shipping to be also complimentary at Amazon.From the B&N financial news, that is obvious that the bookstore is near broke since it can not compete. It will most likely go out of organization soon.Too bad! I liked Barnes & Noble Bookstores.

Game night at Barnes and also Noble is every various other weekend. My husband took our two youngsters (I had actually to work), and they had actually a good time! Love the tasks for the family.

Always enjoy. Especially today went trying to find Women that The civil War.. To my surprised there was nothing ~ above the shelf. Had actually to be ordered online.. Bummer.. Alwa the library..

I love B&N and also I love Starbucks inside B&N, yet what i dont love is that they also seem to have come to be a toy store! Ill gambling there room a lot of civilization who feel the same way. Offer me more books to shop for and also leave your toy selling for virtual sales.

Great ar to relax, drink coffee or coffee type beverages and also browse the numerous books and magazines in the store.

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My friend and also I, come into this Barnes and noble practically every week, and also have a satisfied experience most of the time, purchase comics and boardgames, v the choice of purchasing some delicious coffee.However, this particular day my friend and I come in to carry out our routine, and my friend was emotion a little queasy. He had been emotion a little sick every day, but it was no a difficulty until we were sitting down, playing emperors of tokyo.After debating even if it is or no he to be going to puke, he lastly did, to run to the bathroom, with me ideal behind to make certain he to be okay.After a few more trips to the bathroom, he finally felt at the very least decent enough to go earlier and continue our game.But then, us noticed the manager, David (unaware of last name), city hall us through the eyes of a hawk. Every relocate we made was watched, and radioed to the other employees.Embarrased, we continued our games and reading for another hour or two, till again we had to do a expedition to the bathroom, for this reason my friend wouldnt blow chunks ~ above the floor.Finally, mine friend had had enough, ~ I had just purchased a frappuccino, and we decided to leave. Together we to be walking to the front door, ns overheard David as soon as again radio our movements.. Theyre about to walk the end the front door.With a speak to a few minutes later, I decided I will certainly not be return to barnes and also noble, for are afraid of gift discriminated since of mine tattoos, and alternative look. If you think you might look like me, do not walk here, friend face feasible prosecution, for just being different.Thanks barnes and also noble, and also thank you David, for destroying the remainder of mine night.