The songThe Princess and also the Pauper Soundtrackis performed byBarbie in the album namedBarbie Sings!: The Princess Movie Song arsenal in the year 2004.

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SCHEDULE man (SPOKEN):Oh! We're late, late, late!We have 20, best 22 minutes, because that your royal fitting.And then it's move, move, relocate to her speech at the historical society!After that we need to rush, and I mean rush, to the horticultural culture for tea.Ugh... Then there's her math lessons, your geography lessons, your scientific research lessons...ANNELIESE:All my life I've constantly wantedTo have one day just for meNothing come do and for when nowhere I must beWith no lessons, lords, or lunchesOr to-do perform in the wayNo one to say as soon as to eat or read or leave or stayThat would be the dayERIKA:All my life I've always wantedTo have actually one day for myselfNot waking up through a pile of work-related on every shelfWith no hems in require of pressingAnd no sleeves in disarrayNo wedding gown v a thousand stitches come crochetAnd no debt to payERIKA (SPOKEN):Huh! mam Carp!MADAME CARP (SPOKEN):What carry out you think I'm to run here, a cabaret?ERIKA (SPOKEN):I would have actually said a debtor's prison.MADAME CARP (SPOKEN):Keep laughing, you'll be working for me for another 37 years.ERIKA (SPOKEN):But I already paid off more then half!MADAME CARP (SPOKEN):But there's attention isn't there?Your parental should have actually thought that that prior to they obtained so much.ERIKA (SPOKEN):They did it to feeding me!MADAME CARP (SPOKEN):Their mistake.ERIKA:What would it be choose to bePRINCESS ANNELIESE:What would certainly it be choose to beERIKA:FreePRINCESS ANNELIESE:FreeFree to shot crazy thingsERIKA:Free from countless IOU'sANNELIESE:Free to flyERIKA:Free to singANNELIESE:And get married whom i chooseQUEEN (SPOKEN):I'm for this reason sorry, my darling, but as you recognize it is critical that friend marry King Dominic.It is the only method to take treatment of our people.ANNELIESE (SPOKEN):I know, it's mine duty.QUEEN (SPOKEN):Ah! and also look another engagement gift!ANNELIESE:You would think the I'm so luckyThat I have actually so many thingsI'm realizing that every existing comes v stringsERIKA:Though I recognize I have so littleMy determination's strongPeople will gather approximately the people to hear my songWOMAN:Can i come along?ANNELIESE:Now I fear I'll never beERIKA:Soon I will forever beBOTH:FreeI close my eyes and feel myself fly a thousand mile awayI can take flight but would it it is in rightMy conscience tells me stayANNELIESE:I'll continue to be forever royalERIKA:I'll repay mine parent's debtBOTH:Duty way doing the things your heart might well regretANNELIESE:But I'll never stop believingERIKA:She can never stop my schemesBOTH:There's an ext to living 보다 gloves and also gowns and threads and also seamsIn my desires

Send The Princess and also the Pauper Soundtrack Ringtone to her Cell

Barbie - Barbie Sings!: The Princess Movie Song repertoire

Barbie Sings!: The Princess Movie Song arsenal
Oct 2004

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