Offset and also Cardi B have a well-established reputation for giving each various other lavish gifts, indigenous refrigerators full of cash come expensive bags, cars and also jewelry. Yet at the Migos rapper’s 30th date of birth celebration Tuesday (Dec. 21), Cardi may have finally hit the prezzie pinnacle. Follow to video clip posted in Cardi’s Instagram Story from the event, she presented she hubby with among those overlapping novelty check usually scheduled for sweepstakes winners for a cool $2 million.

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In a video of the mega-check handover, Cardi notes the Offset has a “lot of business ventures” ~ above the horizon in 2022, before bellowing, “So bring out the birthday giiiiift motherf—er!!!!” after an assistant hand it over, she makes sure that understands, “That’s $2 million! 2 million dollars. Two million dollars. 2 million dollars. Two million dollars. Two million dollars. Here ya go, i love you!”

The story also featured footage of offset tossing cash into the crowd and smiling together he organized his very special gift. Cardi likewise chronicled she husband acquisition a picture of a paint in which his grandmother is holding infant Kiari Cephus (with the post “Him love his grandma”) and also shots of his fire party Nikes v blue glowing soles.

Days ahead of the party, Cardi post a series of photos and also videos that the pair and balance out with their two children, in addition to a loving note about the man she calls her “husband, best friend and also babydaaadddyy.”

In the Dec. 14 post, she wrote, “I love friend so much and I’m therefore proud that you. We have actually overcome so lot together. I love the guy that you’re becoming and also I love the father that you are. Thank you for constantly being there because that me, because that being a good confidant and advisor and also for never permitting me to sell myself short ❤️. I’m so lucky to have you together a partner raising our beautiful kids. You have actually soo numerous projects and also businesses the you are managing and also leading however you have helped me so lot in this journey wit our two babies. May life keep blessing you and you proceed to thrive. I’m so excited because that the people to view what you gained coming 🔥. Ns love you!! We transforming up tonight and next week for her party.”