Auto Clicker is a convenient tool for iPhone and iPad when you desire to lift up her finger and turn the recurring work right into automatic action. Prior to people need to jailbreak iOS devieces to acquire the authority because that auto clicker, now, Panda Helper Auto Clicker doesn"t need that. It have the right to work ~ above iPhone and also iPad through iOS 14/iOS 13 without jailbreak!


Panda Helper Auto Clicker is a attribute working top top iOS 13 and also iOS 14 gadgets without jaibreaking your devices occurred by Panda Helper team. As soon as you have to keep clicking or tapping on displays during play mobile games or apps, that is effective and also faster come play apps and also save your energy and also time.

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Video Demo for Auto Clicker on iOS 14/iOS 13 without Jailbreak

~ above Summoners war for iOS

on Roblox because that iOS

Text tutorial of Auto Clicker for iPhone and iPad with iOS 14/iOS 13 there is no Jailbreak

As auto clicker is a function from Panda Helper, to acquire it is simple: install any type of app you would prefer to use auto clicker from Panda Helper, open the apps to get Auto Clicker.

Step 1: Download Panda Helper on your iOS devices.

Step 2: Install and open apps native Panda Helper.

Step 3: Wait for showing up a floating window with a Panda icon and tap it.

Step 4: Tap"Get" close to Auto Clicker.


Step 5: Tap"+" switch or "Swipe gesture" switch to add target sights and readjust the data of that if you need it.


Step 7: move the target sights come the areas where you want it to click automatically.

Step 8: run Auto Clicker on iPhone and iPad v iOS 14/iOS 13 without Jailbreak.


If you would like to know exactly how to use auto clicker an ext in her way, inspect the beginner"s guide below.

A Beginner"s overview To Panda Auto Clicker

In this part, we will certainly introduce different parts the Panda Auto Clicker and also you will know exactly how to collection it much more clearly.

For Auto Clicker bar:


1. Run: madness this switch to run Panda Auto Clicker ~ you collection it.2. Add: include target sights.3. Swipe: include pairs of target sights come swipe.4. Remove: remove target sights in order.5. Settings: to save and load Auto Clicker configuration you set for this game. (It will disappear after you uninstall apps)6. Hide: Hide Auto Clicker bar if friend don"t need it.

For Target sights:

You are able to edidt every target sights sperately in Panda Auto Clicker. It doesn"t typical you require to collection all since there is the default. They room only choices if you need to readjust them. Let"s see just how they work.


Edit Target 2: 2 is the surname of target sights you space editing.Start Delay: It way that after just how long you want this target vision work. (1 sec = 1000 ms)End Delay: It method that after exactly how long you plan it to stop working. (1 sec = 1000 ms)Duration: The length of time the the target sight lasts. (1 sec = 1000 ms)Randomization Radius: change the variety of click to it is in closer to target sights.

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Enable: Tap it to use the settings for the target sight.Auto Clicker ~ above iOS Games

Go come Panda Helper come enjoy much more games with Auto Clicker.