ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-02 is a compact, solid, great looking, functional, flexible and really easily upgradeable desktop PC v a slide-out cover. It is much more than enough for many things you’d execute on a computer system on a daily basis through its entry level ultra low voltage third generation Celeron processor but not because that super demanding facility software or the most advanced games.

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comes v the 64-bit double core Ivy bridge Intel Celeron 1007U processor (2MB L3 Cache) in ~ 1.5 GHz, 4GB DDR3 ram to multitask smoothly and that deserve to be upgraded come a maximum of 16GB, 500 GB tough drive in ~ 5400 rpm rotating speed + Cloud based Asus WebStorage- 100GB free for 12 months to enable you to have accessibility to your data anywhere and the windows 8 operating system. Friend can quickly upgrade the difficult drive (preferably replace it with a hard State Drive) and memory through the slide-out cover the is designed to be rather user-friendly.

Sound quality is rather OK v the MaxxAudio tuning and the built-in Asus SonicMaster speakers of 2 x 2W, for movies, songs and games and you will acquire even much better sound if you attach to your HDTV or residence theatre device via one HDMI port. It offers up come 8 channel audio assistance via the optical SPDIF port and also 3 x audio jacks (Speaker Out/Mic In/Line In). Graphics map is the Intel HD Graphics therefore don’t intend to beat those latest games or run very demanding graphics software application on it however you will certainly get complete HD resolution- 1920 x 1080 pixel performance depending on what form of exterior monitors or TVs you’re using. You have actually both the HDMI and also VGA harbor to attach to your big screen HDTV or any type of HD display. The USB keyboard and mouse are contained in the package but not the monitor.

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Elegant spun metal finish ASUS VivoPC weighs 2.65 pounds with dimensions of 7.48 x 2.21 x 7.48 customs so the is rather compact and also portable for a desktop PC- just a fraction of a regular desktop computer tower and also would look an excellent in any type of room of your house and can conveniently be placed all over in yr office or home. WiFi Go modern technology allows girlfriend to usage your mobile machine as a remote regulate for complete PC navigation. It provides a variety of connectivity options, including the progressed 5G 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter the is much quicker at as much as 1.3 Gbps speeds, 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth 4.0, 4 x USB 2.0 ports, 2 x USB 3.0 harbor that enable up to 10 times quicker data transfers and also 50% faster an equipment charging, 2-in-1 memory Card reader that supports SD/ MMC, 1 x VGA port and also 1 x HDMI port.

Conclusion: quite looking, stylish, durable and also compact ASUS VivoPC-VM40B-02

desktop computer is an extremely easy come upgrade v the slide-out cover, has a couple of modern-day connectivity options like the latest modern technology 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth, USB 3.0 ports, complimentary 100GB Cloud storage for a year. It is power effective with a TDP the 17 watts, boots increase pretty fast, works quietly, stereotype speakers perform well, and also as negatives it is no mountable top top a monitor favor some other units, CPU is a little underpowered for more advanced stuff yet just cool for what it is designed to do, and also some the the connectivity ports in ~ the rear have the right to be a small hard come access. The comes with the user manual, a quick start guide, strength cord, the guarantee card- a 12 month north American warranty and also 24/7 an excellent technical assistance by Asus. Although the is not a gaming maker and doesn’t have the price tag because that one, it appears to carry out smoothly in most daily tasks- net surfing, native processing, streaming videos, play songs and also less demanding games. Absolutely a decent worth for money computer!