The pop singer protected viral footage of she in a donut shop, saying she to be referring come child obesity in the US and also is ‘extremely proud to be an American’


TMZ posted a video on Tuesday of Ariana Grande licking a donut and also saying ‘I dislike America’ in a donut shop. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP
TMZ posted a video clip on Tuesday of Ariana Grande licking a donut and also saying ‘I hate America’ in a donut shop. Photograph: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Ariana Grande has defended herself ~ a video clip of she licking a donut and saying “I hate America” go viral.

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The singer and actor stated in a statement to Buzzfeed she should have actually known better, however seemed to suggest that she had been do a point about healthy eating.

“I sometimes acquire upset through how easily we together Americans eat and also consume things without giving any thought to the after-effects that it has actually on our wellness and culture as a whole,” Grande wrote.

She added: “The truth that the unified States has the greatest child obesity rate in the civilization frustrates me. We must do more to education ourselves and our children around the dangers of overeating and the poison that us put right into our bodies. We have to demand more from our food industry.”

In the video, posted by TMZ top top Tuesday, Grande and also her backup dancer Ricky Alvarez space in a donut shop.

She appears to surreptitiously lick two donuts that space on display, prior to saying: “I hate Americans. I dislike America.”

Grande, that was born in Boca Raton, Florida, wrote that she was “EXTREMELY proud to it is in an American” and that what she said was taken the end of context. But she apologized because that her selection of words and also said the she “will strive to it is in better”.

Some Twitter users were not entirely encouraged by her statement.

If you room seriously concerned about obesity, what were you act in a donut shop in the an initial place

— j (
wildtoxins) July 8, 2015

The job after the video was released, MLB communications tweeted that Grande withdrew together the headliner because that the MLB All-Star concert because of “health issues”. She will certainly be changed by Demi Lovato. In she statement Grande wrote that she had actually “emergency oral surgery”.

Prior come this, ~ above Monday evening, the star had tweeted “peace out”, explaining that she had three wisdom this removed.

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peace out, final three wisdom teeth. To be real. (i feel prefer ass)

— Ariana Grande (
ArianaGrande) July 7, 2015

The concert will take ar without Grande on Saturday in ~ Paul Brown stadium at 8pm ET.

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