There’s no doubt that OreGairu is a fantastic Anime under the romance and slice-of-life genres. It has strong characters, beautiful animation, and a compelling plot story. However, everything comes to an end and, even though season 3 is still airing at the moment of writing this piece, it’s not going to take much time until we find ourselves without anything to watch. Fortunately, there are some Anime that are very similar to OreGairu that you can take on with heartwarming stories involving romance and strange clubs that always have something exciting going on. Here are my top 7 recommendations for the ones who love OreGairu (in no particular order).

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1. Hyouka


Hyouka is probably the Anime that comes to mind first for fans of the genre. It revolves around a school group that has the objective to unveil all the secrets within school grounds. Although the show premise is a little different, the execution is very similar to OreGairu. However, instead of using intelligence to solve students’ problems, Hyouka’s characters use their brains to solve any kind of mystery, no matter how small. The main characters, Houtarou and Hachiman, also have similar aloof personalities, though for different reasons. While the former just doesn’t like to do any unnecessary work, Hachiman prefers to stay away from others so he doesn’t get dragged to unnecessary drama. If you haven’t seen Hyouka, then I highly recommend putting this one on the top of your watchlist.

2. Kokoro Connect


Kokoro Connect is similar to OreGairu mainly due to two reasons: it portrays a school club and there’s a love triangle throughout the show. But probably that’s where things end, as Kokoro Connect is one of the most original Anime of this high-school romance genre. The story focus on five students who join a club just because it’s required by the school rules. However, what they couldn’t predict was that an alien would appear with a power of switching their consciences. In other words, the characters start changing bodies randomly and, while it’s quite funny at the beginning, the plot develops to a deep and heartwarming story about love, friendship and overtaking one’s fears.

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3. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


On a brighter note, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an exceptional comedy who is often praised by Anime fans. The story follows Suzumiya Harui, an eccentric girl who wants to meet aliens, time travelers, and more. Like the other shows, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu revolves around a school club and, in this case, the main objective is to discover the mysteries of the world.

4. Classroom of the Elite


Classroom of the Elite takes a more serious approach to high school. In this case, we follow the worst ranked class from a very special school. Unlike any other organizations of the same kind, Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Senior High School ensures that 100% of its students will get into the best colleges or jobs. There’s a catch, though. The school is completely cut out from the rest of the world and students need to use the school’s point system to get necessities. The problem is, when you’re at the bottom, getting points is quite difficult. This means that student need to be overly intelligent to climb up the ladder, and we follow two of the brightest students – Suzune and Kiyotaka. Unfortunately, both also have quite difficult personalities, as the girl is way too serious and Kiyotaka does everything to stay in the shadows. Does it remind you of someone?