Longman thesaurus of modern English Word definitions in Longman thesaurus of modern-day English noun instances FROM body ▪ yet this Eros had actors aside his bow and also cruel arrows; the sat play a lyre ! ▪ Davide, called by his dad to the piano, took up a sheet and collection it ~ above the mahogany lyre stand. ▪ Orpheus, using a lyre come charm the denizens...

The Collaborative global Dictionary Word definitions in The cooperation International thesaurus Lyre \\Lyre\\, n. (Mus.) A stringed instrument of music; a type of harp lot used through the ancients, as an accompaniment come poetry. Note: The lyre was the peculiar instrument the Apollo, the tutelary god of music...

Wiktionary Word interpretations in Wiktionary n. 1 A stringed musical instrument. 2 A lyre-shaped sheet music holder that attaches to a wind instrument when a music was standing is impractical.

Douglas Harper\"s Etymology Dictionary Word meanings in Douglas Harper\"s Etymology thesaurus harp-like instrument, c.1200, from Old French lire \"lyre,\" indigenous Latin lyra , indigenous Greek lyra , a foreign word of uncertain origin.

WordNet Word interpretations in WordNet n. A harp provided by ancient Greeks because that accompaniment

Wikipedia Word meanings in Wikipedia The lyre (, lýra ) is a cable instrument well-known for its usage in Greek classic antiquity and also later periods. The lyre is similar in appearance to a little harp but with distinct differences. Words comes via Latin from the Greek ; the earliest reference...

intake examples the lyre.

Finally, the prince was rewarded as the time flap to be pulled aside and also Asteria stepped into the room, in search of all the human being like Artemis or golden Aphrodite, her tiny lyre under one arm, she eyes cast demurely under to her feet, a shy laugh on she face.

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The tiny lyre was choose the tenor viola di braccio and also was dubbed the lyra di braccio.

The caduceus the Hermes, i m sorry was offered him by Apollo in exchange for the lyre, was a magic wand which exercised influence over the living and also the dead, bestowed wealth and also prosperity and turned every little thing it touched into gold.

No, as a parting favor, i shall reveal just your master atrocity, i m sorry is this: that you have actually the brazen effrontery to imagine that your throaty warble must be dubbed singing, and also that your caterwauling top top the lyre and your guilty on the cithara pass, in any type of sense, because that art.

Now, in the fall of 66, he set sail through a great chorus of Augustiani and a virtual military of to chat laden v lyres, citharas, masks, costumes, and also buskins.

He despised the musicians, playing citoles, lyres, pipes the curled choose the necks of swans, and what looked prefer the lid that a rubbish can.

Female given name in Hellers, probably cognate with miscellaneous Terran words definition lyre, harp, or the poetry or music created to it is in sung come it.

He lifted the hefty garment over her head, actors it across the lyre stool, and tugged in ~ the tapes stop the slim cotte closed at she side.

Mudge can have fooled through a lyre or some other stringed tool before, but the complexity of the duar was clearly beyond him.

When the lyre is strung a details condition is created upon the strings, and this is well-known as accord: in the same method our human body is developed of unique constituents carried together, and the blend produces at as soon as life and that soul which is the problem existing top top the bodily total.

Their ears were astonished by the harsh and also unknown sound of the germanic dialect, and also they ingeniously lamented the the trembling muses fled native the harmony the a Burgundian lyre.

For over there on the level shore were pictures of Grecian lions and Mediterranean goats and maidens through flesh that sand like powdered gold and satyrs piping on hand-carved horns and children dancing, strewing flowers along and also along the beach with lambs gambolling after and musicians omitted to their harps and also lyres, and also unicorns racing youths towards remote meadows, woodlands, destroyed temples and volcanoes.

At the moment when a sphere struck on the scaffold of the fontain des Innocents Jean Goujon that had found the Pagan chisel the Phidias, Ronsard found the lyre of Pindar and founded, aided by his pleiad, the great French lyric school.

Here Alma Tadema would certainly have illustrated a Sappho v hyacinthine locks, seated at the foot the the marble Hermes, to sing to a seven-stringed lyre and also surrounded by a chorus of maidens with locks of flame, every pallid and also intent, drinking in the pure harmony of the verses.

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Master Jainne to be standing by a circle of musicians silent at the far end of the ballroom, pipers through single, dual and double-reeded tools of different sizes and curves donate by lutanists and also bowed lyres.