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Somewhere in the center of nowhere sits a tiny chipmunk, Simon Seville, wait for a sign from outer space.Alvin! Theodore! We"ve made contact!Well I observed the point comin" out of the sky,It had the one lengthy horn,One big eye.(Ooh!)I commenced come shakin",And I said "Ooh-eee,"It looks like a purple people eater come me.It was a one-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eater!One-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eater!A one-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple people eater!Sure watch strange to me.One eye?Well the came under to earth,And lit in a tree.I said, "Mr. Purple world Eater don"t eat me!"I heard him speak in a voice for this reason gruff;I wouldn"t eat friend "cause you"re therefore tough!It to be a one-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eaterOne-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eater!One-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eater!Sure look at strange come me!One horn?I said, "Mr. Purple people Eater,What"s her line? "He said, "It"s eatin" violet people and also it certain is fine!But that"s no the reason that I concerned land,I wanna acquire a job in a absent "n roll band. "I wanna,I wanna,I-I-I wanna,Rock "n roll.Well bless my soul,Rock "n roll,Flying purple people eater.Pigeon-toed,Undergrowed,Flyin" purple people eater!We wear short-shorts!Flyin" purple people eater!Sure looks strange come me!Aaah!And climate he swung from the tree,And the lit top top the ground.He started to rock,Really rockin" around,It to be a crazy ditty through a swingin" tune,Singin" "Aboop boop aboopa lopa lum bam boom!"Well, bless mine soul,Rock n" roll,Flying purple human being eater!Pigeon-toed,Undergrowed,Flyin" purple civilization eater!I like short-shorts!Flyin" little people eater!Sure look at strange to me!Purple people?And then he go on his way,And climate what ya know?I saw him critical night top top a tv show!He to be blowing the out,A"really knockin" "em dead!Playin" absent "n role music through the horn in his head!(Saxaphone solo)(Yeah! X30)Purple people eater!Purple human being eater!Purple, purple, purple people eater!It was a one-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple world eater!One-eyed,One-horned,Flyin" purple human being eater!Sure looked strange to me!Well, bless my soul,Rock "n roll,Flying purple people eater!Pigeon-toed,Undergrowed,Flyin" purple world eater!One eyed,One horned,Flying purple world eater!Sure looked strange to me!Yeah, certain looked strange come me!