Movie theater well-known for second-run mirrors to near ThursdayOnce lucrative, the theater had actually been unprofitableCity negotiating salvation of the property


Allen Park Digital Cinemas will certainly close Thursday, and also its owner plans come donate the residential property to the city.

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Allen Park Digital Cinemas will certainly roll the credits because that the final time Thursday.

The tiny theater at the edge of Allen Road and also Philomene Boulevard is permanently closing, said MJR founder and also CEO Mike Mihalich, who owns the location independently from the soon-to-be sold MJR chain.

The Detroit cost-free Press first reported the closure Wednesday.

The five-screen Allen Park theater, opened in 1942, to be the odd one out in Mihalich"s portfolio of 11 theater throughout metro Detroit. Bloomfield Hills-based MJR is offering 10 of them come Belgium-based Kinepolis team NV in a deal announced last month. The Allen Park location, well-known for its $1 and $1.50 weekend shows, was not part of it.

Mihalich said the theater has actually been unprofitable and not worth keeping open ~ his departure from the movie theater business. The said new consumer actions have do $1 movie unviable.

"I sold the other locations, and also it was shedding money," he claimed of the Allen Park theater. "It"d it is in silly to keep it open."

Most movie theaters do the bulk of your revenue v popcorn, pop and also other concession was standing items significant up in price. For plenty of years, theatre would show second-run movie on the cheap simply to lug in patrons who spend plenty of times the ticket price ~ above food and also drinks. However, with movies making a quicker leap from the big screen to streaming solutions — or skipping theater runs completely — that service model is going extinct.

Mihalich offered to very own second-run theaters in Livonia, Ann Arbor and Waterford, which have actually all because been sold and closed. He claimed he doesn"t think over there are any kind of second-run theaters remaining in the area. A pair of the many recent closures include Silver Cinemas at Macomb Mall, which shuttered in 2015, and also Cinemark at global Mall, which closed in 2016 and was converted to an MJR. Although some theaters still play second-run movies, they are usually ~ above a promotional basis and also rarely for $1.

Mihalich stated he plans to donate the Allen Park theater building to the city, which would certainly come v a taxation deduction likely more appealing 보다 what the building would network in a sale.

"We"ve had actually conversations, and they seem to want it," the said. "They"re doing the paperwork now."

Allen Park City the supervisory board on Tuesday authorized the city administrator and also city lawyer to negotiate the acquisition of the property, follow to a city record sent to Crain"s.

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Mihalich claimed he doesn"t recognize the total number of employees affected by the closure because he is gotten rid of from daily operations.