Sometimes there are just too many decisions in life. Occasionally you desire to sit earlier and be. Once the atmosphere strikes, nothing hits the clues quite like a buffet or an every you deserve to eat menu; there’s no menu choice to make, no risk in ordering the wrong dish.

Chuck-A-Rama – lining wagon food selection served every day (Chuck-A-Rama)

Traditional / American


We’d it is in remiss no to begin this list through this Utah original. With much more than 50 year under their belts and multiple locations roughly the valley, this buffet is a well-known spot with Salt Lakers of lot of generations. Every day of the week sees a different specials theme; keep an eye top top the Sunday family Dinner specials including funeral potatoes!


Garden Buffet – St. GeorgeThe Roof–DowntownSLC

Pastrami smoked salmon through roasted garlic and also dijon aioli, native Seafood Buffet (SLC Eats)


Deer Valley

The seasonal seafood buffet at Deer Valleyisone the hands down best buffets in the state in its own right. The ritzy affair expenses $75 but provides an array of fresh seafood including a poke bar, chill shellfish, hot seafood appetizers and entrées, carvery specials, vegetable specialties and also prime rib along with a baker’s dozen that house-made desserts.

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JB’s family members Restaurant

Maki sushi (Sapa Bar and also Grill)



Our choose in this section is one most folks don’t recognize about. In fact the episode AYCE transaction at upscale Sapa ~ above State Street is quite time restricted – obtainable Monday-Thursday 5-6.30 p.m. You’ll need to setup your visit as necessary but you’ll be rewarded with one of the ideal places in the state because that sushi.


Sushi YahSimply Sushi


Mi Ranchito

This popular State Street restaurant provides a lunch buffet Monday – Thursday 11am – 3 pm. ~ above Friday nights the restaurant provides a 100% vegan friendly dinner buffet 5-10 p.m. Saturday and also Sunday look at Mi Ranchito sell a complete authentic mexican buffet all day long.

El Paisa

Both places of El Paisa administer an every you deserve to eat taco bar. West valley & Ogden carry out the bar for lunch Monday v Friday 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. The Ogden location likewise offers the taco bar because that dinner Monday – Friday 5 p.m. – 10 p.m.

Mi Fiesta

Available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (11 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.) this Murray Utah restaurant supplies an every you have the right to eat taco buffet because that $9.99.

EJO oriental BBQ – brisket ready for the grill


EJO korean BBQisoneofourfavorite all you have the right to eat experiences in town. Why? Well, all you one eat meat the you grill you yourself table side – is one huge reason why! in ~ this oriental AYCE work you just order up plate after ~ plate and cook as you like. There’s additionally a hot and cold buffet terminal with all the fixings and also side dishes you need, everything from fried rice and also japchae noodles v kimchi.


Ombu GrillKou KoreanSo Grill Seon Korean


Umami Japanese BBQoffersanotheruniqueexperience, and indeed, to our knowledge it’s the just all you can eat Japanese restaurant in Utah full stop. Prices begin at $16.99 at this Vineyard Utah restaurant whereby table side BBQ meat inlclude everything from brisket to Hokkaido layout lamb to new York strip steak come Gyutan cow tongue!


Paulinho’s Contigo Peru has a Peruvian buffet every Saturday and Sunday, noon with 5 p.m.

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TucanosBraza GrillRodizioTexas De Brazil


Benji’s Bar-B-Que Shack

This Georgian styled BBQ joint in south Salt Lake offers the just All You can Eat experience we recognize of in Utah. The AYCE transaction is available Sundays only and is priced $40 per human (inc all meats and also sides) or $50 per person, and also you likewise get to take it a lb to go v you!

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