This entirety group is a bunch of misfit loners who taken place to stumble upon each other and become friends.

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-Diablo can't converse with people normally at all since of a childhood trauma which made the resent human being in general. Play Cross Reverie and also PKing civilization was his ar to vent.-Shera's childhood wasn't elaborated on but she also knows solitude.-Rem's life was just a mess.

Diablo was pretty lot like "Well welcome to the club. Now stop gift dumb and also get her shit together.".

I've heard the it's far better in the original material, but based on the anime alone, certainly not. She actively caused the occasion which brought about Rem virtually dying and Klem resurrecting. If the wasn't negative enough, she additionally wanted to usage Klem to wipe the end all mortal races. In my eyes, she's no any far better than Saddler. At least he gained what he deserved.

The anime kind of mishandled Alicia. Her story to be a lot more detailed in the light Novel, where it to be made many clear the she had behavioral issues and it's definitely not miscellaneous that have the right to be just fixed v the "power of friendship".

In the irradiate novel, Diablo is conscious of how damaged Alicia's personality is, but amazingly (or probably unwittingly) manages to save her in a rather neutral path. Do me realize how Diablo is fairly the strategist in the light Novel. Much less ecchi/hentai too. I recommend reading it to every Isekai pan (if you can obtain past the poor english translations).

I would have broke down her to it is in honest. Or enslaved her and add her come harem where I deserve to at least keep one eye on she while she rehabilitates and also re-socializes. One of those two.

well, i would certainly say ns wouldn't forgive, yet it's a form of story whereby all the nice girls come to be harem members or companions, soooo what ns think wouldn't matter, ho ho ho

I cannot because that now, for what she walk to my dearest Rem T_T, possibly in time, the wound will heal, and also I will sooner or later forgive her

no. But i'm one edgelord. And also the story would not progress any other means since this is a comdey/ecchi that errors.

Honestly, ns really like exactly how this scene went down. Ns am a firm believer that death is no the same as atonement. I don't also think she's to be "forgiven" at this allude in the anime, yet just that she's been offered a chance to in reality redeem herself and also actually work hard to comprise for she mistakes.

I feel like both story-wise and also life-wise, it's much an ext satisfying to watch someone actually shot and come to understand why and also how they hurt someone. It's the difference in between someone saying "I'm sorry" and someone apologizing and /meaning/ it.

Also I'm very late to this sub as ns literally just binged the entirety season and had already given my 2 cents prior to seeing just how old this comment was.

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Forgive me, demon lord worshippers.


A all about the famous manga, anime, and light novelseries: how NOT come Summon A Demon Lord! (Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu)