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2ContentsINTRODUCTION TO playing 21 bound Notes. MERRILYW E ROLLALONG.4 how to Sit at the Piano. LARGO (trom "The new World").5 Finger Numbers. Piano Tones. 22 IntroducingB tor RH.6 The Keyboard. C Major, G7 Chords tor RH.7 NameT hat Key! 23 MARYA NN.24 Time Signature,!. The DottedH alt Note.C position ROCKETS.8 R. Ht H d C ns 't ' T bi Cl t S. 25 Slurs & Legato Playing.Ig one OSII on. Re e e Ign.RIGHT HAND WARM-UP. WHAT have the right to I SHARE?9 4 minutes 1 Notes & Halt Notes. 26 presenting A tor LH.Measure, Bar Line, dual Bar. F significant Chord tor LH.ODE to JOY. 27 Warm-Up making use of C, G7 & F Chords tor LH.10 Lett Hand C Position. Bass GIet Sign. When THE SAINTS walk MARCHING IN.LEFT HAND WARM-UP. 28 introducing A tor RH.11 The whole Note. AURA LEE. C & F Chords tor RH.29 Warm-Up utilizing C, G7 & F Chords tor RH.THE grand STAFF once THE SAINTS walk MARCHING IN.12 The cool Staff. Time Signature, ~.Whole Rest. Repeat Sign. G POSITION30 G Position. Intervals in G Position.PLAYING C-G ~ above THE grand STAFF 31 LOVE SOMEBODY! A FRIEND prefer YOU.13 ROCK-ALONG. MEXICAN cap DANCE. 32 THE DONKEY.14 Melodic Intervals, 2nds, 3rds. 33 The sharp Sign.Dynamic Signs, p, 11ft MONEY CAN'T to buy EV'RYTHING!AU CLAIRE DE LA LUNE. . 7TISKET, A TASKET. 34 The G significant & D Chords tor LH.15 Harmonic Intervals, 2nds, 3rds. 35 THE CUCKOO.Quarter Rest. F. ROCKIN' INTERVALS. 36 The G major & D7 Chords tor RH.16 Melodic 4ths, 5ths. Block Chords & damaged Chords.GOOD KING WENCESLAS. Mine FIFTH. 37 The Damper Pedal. HARP SONG.17 Harmonic 4ths, 5ths. Jingle BELLS. 38 presenting E tor LH.A new Position ot the C significant Chord.INTRODUCTION to CHORDS 39 Warm-Up making use of G, D7 & C Chords.18 The C significant Chord. BEAUTIFUL BROWN EYES.19 Halt Rest. Brother JOHN. 40 introducing E tor RH.HERE'S A HAPPY SONG! new C major Chord place tor RH.20 presenting B tor LH. Two crucial 41 Warm-Up making use of G, D7 & C Chords.Chords tor LH-C Major, G7. ALPINE MELODY.L'- ~

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..3~MIDDLE C position THE crucial OF G MAJOR42 center C Position. THUMBS ~ above C! 70 The G significant Scale. The key ot G Major.43 Crescendo, Diminuendo. WALTZ TIME. 71 transforming Fingers ~ above the same Note.44 Fermata. Good MORNING come YOU! THE CAN-CAN.45 Eighth Notes. 72 The main Chords in G Major.HAPPY date of birth TO YOU! THE MARINES' HYMN.46 D.C. Al Fine. 73 Syncopated Notes. Organic Sign.STANDING IN THE require OF PRAYER. 1s t & second Endings. WHY AM ns BLUE?47 Combining middle C and C Position.THE GIFT TO it is in SIMPLE. THE crucial OF F MAJOR48 Dotted quarter Notes. 74 The F major Scale.49 actions trom familiar Songs using 75 Eighth Rest. Accent Sign.Dotted 4 minutes 1 Notes. Small BROWN JUG.50 ALOUETTE. 76 The primary Chords in F Major.CHIAPANECAS.EXPANDING THE 5 FINGER position 78 0 sole MlO.51 measuring 6ths. 79 Arpeggiated Chords.52 LAVENDER'S BLUE.53 KUM-BA-YAH! THE vital OF A MINOR54 LONDON BRIDGE. 80 The crucial ot A ~ino~.MICHAEL, row THE watercraft ASHORE. The A Harmonlc young Scale.55 blow THE guy DOWN! 81 an ext Syncopated Notes. JERICHO., . 82 Overlapping Pedal. Mp.56 Movlng Up and also Down the key-board In 6ths. GREENSLEEVESLONE STAR WALTZ. .84 more about Triads.57 Staccato. The primary Chords in A Minor.58 measure 7ths & Octaves. 85 walk DOWN, MOSES.59 CAFÉ VIENNA.60 The flat Sign. Absent IT AWAY! THE an essential OF D MINOR61 measuring Halt procedures & totality Steps. 86 The crucial ot D Minor.Tetrachords. The D Harmonic Mino~cale.87 pp. SCARBOROUGH FAIR.SCALES & CHORDS-THE key OF C major 88 The primary Chords in D Minor.62 The major Scale. The C major Scale. RAISINS and ALMONDS.63 ff. Delight TO THE WORLD!64 much more about Chords. 90 HE'S got THE totality WORLD65 COCKLES and MUSSELS. IN HlS HANDS.66 The major Chords in C Major. 92 THE ENTERTAINER.Chord Progressions. 94 Eighth note Triplets. Remarkable GRACE.67 about the Blues. Got THOSE BLUES! 96 The Most typically Used Keys,68 RH E t d d ns .t' and also Their primary Chordsx en e OSI Ion.ON optimal OF OLD SMOKY.!L!-- ,

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4How to Sit at the PianoSITTALL!Lean contempt forward.Let arms hang loosely native shoulders.Elbowss lightly greater than keys. ,Bench must face the keyboard squarely.Knees slightly under keyboard.Feet flat on the floor.Right foot might be contempt forward.

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6The KeyboardThe key-board is made up of white keys and black keys.The black secrets are in teams of twos and also threes.2 blacks 3 blacks 2 blacks 3 blacks 2 blacks 3 blacks1 /1' 1 /1' 1 /1'LOW sound HIGH SOUNDSOn the keyboard, under is to the LEFT, and also UP is come the RIGHT.As you move LEFT, the tones sound LOWER. As you move RIGHT, the tones sound HIGHER.Play the 2-BLACK-KEY groups!LH RH1. Using LH 2 3, start at the center 2. Making use of RH 2 3, start at the middleand play every the 2-black-key groups and play every the 2-black-key groupsgoing th e keyboard(both tricks at once). (both keys at once).Play the 3-BLACK-KEY groups! LH RH3. Using LH 2 3 4, start at 4. Utilizing RH 2 3 4, begin at~ the middle and play every the the middle and also play every the ~3-black-key groups going 3-black-key groups going the keyboard(all three keys at once)., (all three keys at once).

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7Name the Key!Piano keys are named tor the first seven letter of the alphabet, beginning with A.ABC D E F GEach white key is well-known by its place in or beside a black-key group!For example: A's room found between the top TWO keys of each 3-BLACK-KEY GROUP.Play the following. Usage LH 3 tor keys listed below the middle of the keyboard.Use RH 3 tor keys above the middle of the keyboard.Say the name of each an essential aloud together you play!Play every the A'son her piano. Play every the B's. Play every the C's.~ m In>Play all the D's. Play every the E's. Play all the F's. Play all the G's.
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8Right Hand C PositionPlace the RH ~ above the keyboard so that the 1st FINGER talig on center C.Let the continuing to be 4 fingers autumn naturally ~ above the following 4 white keys.Keep the finger curved and relaxed.The names of the 5 secrets are inALPHABETICAL ORDER: C D E F G.Notes tor this place are composed on the TREBLE STAFF.The TREBLE STAFF has 5 lines and 4 spaces. Fingering:~~~~~~2 ~~3 ~. 4 5Middle C is created on a short line TREBLE CLEF SIGN:below the staff, cal led a leger line. Provided tor RH notes. Ns I ns I, ns I II , ns I id is composed in the an are below the staff. Ns I i I IEach next higher note is writtenon the next greater line or space.CDEFGRIGHT HAND WARM, increase 14))))*Play the following WARM-UP to speak the name of each keep in mind aloud together you play.Repeat until you deserve to play smoothly and also evenly. Together the note go higher on the keyboard,they room written higher on the staff!Fingers: ...~~~~~~~~~§~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i 51 41 31 21 1, 51 41 31 21 1, 11,=~~~===::~ D ~ ~ ~
D ~ ~ ~ I.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ S ~~~~~~~~~ * ~)))) This symbol suggests the track number ot the selection on the CD and cassette tape. See the GeneralMIDI (GM) disk sleeve tor the GM monitor numbers.

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9Quarter N otes & half N otesMusic is made up of short tones and also long tones. We write these tones in notes, and also wemeasure their lengths through counting. The combining of notes right into patterns is referred to as RHYTHM.Quarter keep in mind I half Note Ia short note. A long note. DCOUNT: "1" COUNT: "1 - 2"or: "Quarter" or: "Half note"Clap (or tap) the following rhythm. Clap as soon as for every note, counting aloud.Notice exactly how the BAR LINES division the music into MEASURES of same duration.~ :EAS:E ~ ~ :EAS:E ~ :EAS:E ~ ~ MEAS~RE 1BAR BAR BAR dual BARLINE line LINE used at the endODE ,TO joy (Theme trom Beethoven's ninth Symphony) 14))))1. Clap (or tap) the rhythm evenly, count aloud.2. Play & sing (or say) the finger numbers.3. Beat & count.~4. Pat & song (or say) the note names.Fingers:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~IYou are now ready to start ADULT vision READING publication 1.

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10Left Hand C PositionPlace the LH top top the key-board so the the Sth FINGER talls ~ above the C below (to the lett ot) center C.Let the rernaining tingers tall normally on the following 4 white keys.Keep the tingers curved and also relaxed.Notes tor this position are written on the bass STAFF.The bass STAFF likewise has F" ..ngerlng: 5 4 3 2 15 lines and 4 spaces.BASS CLEF SIGN: ~~: ~~. F~~~~~~ !he ?, play by 5, used tor LH notes.IS wrltten top top the ns I i I Iseconds paceo t the staff. : : : : :Each next greater note is writtenon the next higher line or space.CDEFGLEFT HAND heat ~ U p 14))))Play the tollowing WARM-UP say the narne ot each note aloud together you play.Repeat till you have the right to play srnoothly and evenly.~~. ~~~~~~~ ~. ~ ~ ~ r: ~. - Fingers: 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5~~. ~~~~~. ~ r~ ~ Î: c~ E. :'~~~~~~~~~ 5 4 3 2 1 5 4 3 2 1 I~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~ when notes are below the middle LINE ot the staff, the sterns usually allude UP.When notes are ON or over the middle LINE, the sterns usually suggest DOWN.