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SynopsisBefore reincarnating as the villainess Isabella Ali Rottenstein, she was simply one that the many fans that the game Love☆Magical. While many fawned over the handsome and also charming love interests, in she eyes, none might hold a candle come her many beloved Ursch Schneiver. Sure, he was rather plain and a mere sustaining character to run the gacha store, but even so, she invested all her money simply to watch his bright expressions.Now, they are no longer separated by a screen. If Isabella's function in the story would normally be come commit evil deeds and obstruct the heroine, she wants nothing to do with it! Ursch is just too cute... Well, she might as well marry him!


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This one is awesome. One isekai'ed human is reborn together a villainess in a dating sim. Yet instead of wanting to build her harem or superficially going after ~ whoever she to be paired off with in the game or even just utilizing her expertise of occasions to come she decides to remain out that that entirety sordid affair and also is uninterested in it. In she previous life she was obsessed over the seller mascot male who was a no datable side character. Now she meets him in genuine life and proposes because she preferred what she witnessed of the in the game (not much). Both as a method to finally get come know more about she favourite character and also to prevent the entirety villainess route. This would indicate it have to be a shallow romantic story based on love at an initial sight or miscellaneous dumb favor that but it's actually far from that. What ns love is that they are both moral in that they don't know each various other well yet and that love is miscellaneous that must be operated on and also cherished and that relationships are a two-sided effort. Castle act as an actual couple should. Respect each other, hear to each other, to trust each other. They show each other their bad sides and also accept what they have been shown. Help each other also if castle don't an especially agree v what the various other is doing and let each various other make an individual choices there is no trying to influence them. Castle don't try to adjust each other and instead simply enjoy learning much more about each other. Healthy relationship (so far) and I am here for it. She is likewise smart in the she didn't simply selfishly need a relationship without reasoning of consequences. Instead she laid the end all the factors why it can be good to her parents, his parents, and to him. Tailoring her dealings with world depending on who she is talk to instead of dealing with everyone with same, make her feeling a lot much more like real person rather climate a 2 dimensional character. And after that was allowed that he would be she fiance, she began thinking in lengthy term. How deserve to she develop and also become someone who would it is in a an excellent match because that the kind of lifestyle he will live. What would certainly she it s her be good at and like come do? and also he started thinking in similar terms. Castle didn't hesitate to begin planning a life together fairly than pursuing things just since they feel choose it in ~ the moment, and also are thinking long term about their lives. Ns love it.